WIP – 4 Hours Later…

I’ve only hit two one roadbumps so far, so the model has been going at a decent pace. I can tell that if I didn’t have to stop to apply decals I would probably have at least both arms done by now, but I think this kit really looks it’s best when all the stickers and decals are applied. Mine might not look the best (there are a few that are driving me insane) but it’s definitely better than leaving it bare. Originally I had wanted to paint the psychoframe a metallic blue color, but the paint that I had purchase wasn’t behaving like I had hoped so I just left it alone. Practicing techniques is something for a 1/144 or 1/100 NG, not a 80$ MG, you know? I kind of slacked on taking pictures since I was so excited to build this, but I will remember to take more tomorrow while working on it.


Half finished chest. There are a lot of bits here and there that interlock and connect to make up the chest, so it isn’t quiet like ‘add two or three armor bits to the torso-frame’ and you’re done affair like some other kits I’ve built.


A little farther along the way, with some stickers and the neck assembled. By the by, Hajime Katoki is a jerk for sticking these things all over his mobile suits.


Bump #1 – I managed to screw up the dry-transfer that goes above the sticker on the upper torso and it turns out that my hands aren’t very steady, which means that the sticker is just a hair crooked. It drives me insane.


The start of the head. It felt really loose until I got everything together and stuck it on the neck of the suit, but it appears that it’ll be solid now. The faceplate swings back and up when you change it to destroy mode, with the normal gundam face coming down over it.


Unicorn mode torso/head!


…Aaaand Destroy mode. I’m torn on what to do with the V-Fin, I like the nice clean white look and absolutely refuse to put the foil stickers on there, but the only yellow currently at my disposal is one yellow gundam marker.

I’ll just leave it for later.

You can see bump #2 in that picture as well, when you look at the flipped up parts. Somewhere along the line when I was cutting out parts A12 and A13, A14 went along for the ride. I think. You see, I can’t find it all, despite the carpet in this room being very white! I’m sure it’ll turn up sooner or later, but for now I am stuck with this glaring flaw. I found it shortly before I went to bed. 🙂


I kind of forgot to take any pictures whatsoever while I was building the right arm! Sososo sorry, I’ll be sure to get pictures of the left arm tomorrow!


Close up of all the blasted stickers on the right arm. I’ll be repeating this tomorrow when I construct the left arm.


The same as above, but for the shoulder/chest. The dry transfer got a little mussed, but not so much that it makes me want to rip my hair out or try again.

This is as far as I got tonight, it’s getting late and I have to work tomorrow! If all goes well, I’ll be able to at least get the other arm, waist and maybe a leg finished when I get back home.

Till then!


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