WIP – Day Two

Analysis so far: I hate stickers and dry transfers. Still.


Exploded view of the right arm. When I started working on it this morning I had a shocking moment where I thought I had used the wrong part somewhere along the line and would have to reassemble the entire arm. Turns out I was wrong, but it’s a good chance for a picture of the inside of the arm since I didn’t take one yesterday.


Innermost frame of the arm.


The storage compartment for one of Unicorn’s four beam sabers. Oddly enough they only included two beams, but since all of the UC suits share the same beam saber parts I can just borrow them from my Ez8 kit even though the color won’t be spot on.


A finished and mostly finished arm. Thankfully, it appears I’m getting better at applying all these damned stickers.


Cutting the hands apart is still probably one of the useful modifications you can make to MG kits.


Finished upper body! The dry transfers and other stickers went on with no hassles.


The start of the waist. The pink bit will slide up and out when moving in to destroy mode, and the swinging part below that will adjust another part on the front.


Finished front of the waist, prior to changing it over to the destroy mode.


The inside of the front skirt plates, mostly just of the hinge that allows it to swing up for the destroy mode.


The back skirt, which contains a booster. I’m thinking about taking this off before I put everything together for keeps and painting the booster gunmetal, but I’m not sure. A small hinge at the top lets this come up, but it doesn’t really hold there very well when posing. This kit has a lot of small sliding and swinging parts..


Side skirts. Surprise, these slide up and down too!


I took this after applying decals to the waist and the back of the kit since I had a blank moment and didn’t think to do it yesterday. I was mildly annoyed, but relieved to have most of the stickers applied to the top. On the downside, one of the stickers for the back skirt fell off my knife and then disappeared from the face of the Earth, so it looks like I’ll be ordering some RX-0 decals from HLJ so I can have a non-crooked chest sticker and the back skirt stickers.


Didn’t really take any pictures while building the feet or ankles since there really wasn’t anything special going on there. More flipping and twisting parts (more of the same for this kit).


I’m not really sure where this goes on the leg, but I’m guessing it’s for the shin or something like that. Regardless, here’s a picture of an assembled one and an unassembled one. I assume it does something like the rest of the parts do?


The right leg frame. There isn’t a whole bunch going on here, but simple works. The rest of this suit has enough going on with it that there don’t need to be a bunch of other little things going on inside.


When asked about the whereabouts of his pants, the Unicorn could only shrug…


Tall. I thought the Hi-Nu gundam was pretty big, so for the Unicorn to be taller than that…geeze.

This is all I finished today, but my goal was to get it standing so in that regard I did manage to accomplish the mission! With any luck I’ll have the legs armored proper in the morning and will be done some time tomorrow night with the rest of the kit. I’ll probably give myself two or three days before I start in on Sinanju since I want to fool around with some paint to try to get the hang of some techniques I’ll need.


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  1. #1 by Martin on February 20, 2009 - 19:14

    Looking good. I think you’ve sold me on adding Unicorn to my to-build list. Oh, to get back to modeling… T_T

    Can’t believe it’s taller than Hi-Nu.

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