WIP – Just kidding, I finished!

I finished with the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. This was the first time I’ve had to space out the construction of a gundam over a few days, but with this model (and the Sinanju, I’m sure) I think it was for the best I didn’t try to do all those stickers and decals in one sitting. It was enough of a pain to get them done as I went, which wound up holding up the construction of things sometimes.


When we stopped yesterday, we had the very bare frames of the legs finished up. Next up on the list was the back leg-skirt-thing (what on earth is the technical name for this?), complete with psychoframe bit and booster. When completed and put on the finished model this part will also serve the purpose of pushing the shin’s psychoframe out (more on that later).


A bit more of the legs with another piece of top of them. I didn’t think to take one of the layer just below this so you could have seen the aforementioned shin psychoframe piece.


Fully armored, one Katoki’d and one bare. Do not let the pictures fool you, getting the kneecap parts to stay in place and snap to the shin psychoframe was perhaps the most annoying thing about this kit. When you’re looking at the manual it looks very simple, but it took me about fifteen minutes to get it to stay in place without the sliding piece falling back in to the leg. The part the back of the leg clips on to is supposed to come down far enough to hold it in place so that when you push the knee piece up and in to the shin it won’t fall back but that wasn’t happening for me until I took the back of the leg off and pushed it down with my finger and held it in place while I snapped the knee in to the psychoframe. Perhaps other peoples experiences are different, but this was how it went for me.


Unicorn needs a crutch while he waits for his other leg to finished getting all prettied up.


Completed body, sans backpack. All of the stickers really do add another layer to the suit, tedious as they are to apply.


The backpack is made up of two parts. the thrusters on the sides of the left piece move up and down for destroy and unicorn mode.


The shield, prior to assembly. More moving parts, hooray!


Assembled and detailed, albeit a somewhat crooked sticker. There was much sadness.


End result. Unicorn’s beam magnum is pretty big, considering. It’s nowhere near the size of the Wing ver. ka’s buster rifle but let’s face it- no gun needs to be that big.


Did someone say party? Unicorn brought enough ammo to give some beam magnum loving to everyone!


Standing shoulder to shoulder with the Hi-Nu.

I’ll post my thoughts on this kit tomorrow or the day after, depending on what I do from here. I might try my hand at getting Sinanju started, or at least testing the water and seeing how well the painting will go.

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  1. #1 by flashpoint on February 22, 2009 - 04:03

    Great pictures and some awesome looking models. You can see the hardwork and time you have put in.

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