wip – the fruits of day one…

I wound up starting Sinanju last night around 4am and getting the chest and and head completed before going to bed 7am. Three hours for two pieces seems like an awfully long time, but I have a legitimate excuse. Work resumed around 2pm, stopped from 7pm to 10pm and carried on from then until about an hour ago..

The Unicorn review will be put off until I finish Sinanju, just so I can have some fun with being able to pose both of them.


I’ll be needing a little extra motivation for this project. Kick reason to the curb!!


Sinanju’s pilot, Full Frontal. I lack the skill to paint this thing, but did find it slightly amusing that he was molded in red since pilots are usually stuck somewhere on a white runner.


The inner frame of the torso and the cockpit. I have to say I liked the way the cockpit for this (and the RX-0, though it’s slightly different) was designed. Something about the look of it appeals to me!


Tamiya Gold Leaf paint, my best friend for all of Sinanju’s gold detailing. After watching the progress of Z’s Sinanju I decided that this was the way that I’d like to go as well, even though I generally lack experience painting. Paint comes off if you move quick anyway, you know? ;D


The chest and lower torso after painting. After making my first few brushstrokes I immediately felt more confident in my ability to paint these parts well (not to mention the ever present Gurren Lagann). Of course, this is still a very time consuming method. If I recall correctly it took me about an hour and a half to paint all of these lines. I cleaned up the edges with a GM48 black gundam marker, which covered up the tiny overrun nicely.


This is my least favorite part about Zeon mobile suits (Actually, Sinanju is the first Zeon suit I’ve built). Can someone please tell me what purpose these damned cables are supposed to serve, aside from making me hate the Zabis? I make it sound more annoying than it really is, but they are quite tedious for me to put together.


Completed head unit on the body. The monoeye that you can’t see at all does swivle back and forth but is pretty much impossible to see when seated on the neck. (I’ve since cleaned up the paint on his chest- It looks absolutely horrid in this picture)


Arm frames, one not assembled so you can see how everything comes together. The pistons/tabs/hinge-looking-things do slide back and forth when the arm (which has an excellent range of motion!) bends, but they’re pretty much completely hidden away once you put the armor pieces over the frame.


Wrist cuffs. The gold paint was a real pain to apply just right, but the GM01 (rest in peace, brave soul) did a great job cleaning up in between the wings or whatever those are supposed to be. Sadly, the paint dried over the tip of the marker and it was no longer of any use.


These are what I assume ‘hold’ the shield in place once completed. I use the term loosely (HAH) since it sounds like Sinanju has a bit of a problem holding on to the shield.


Another hour and a half of my life gone. At this stage I was sure I had spent more time painting than I did assembling things.


I’m guessing these are similar to what the Ver 2.0 hands are like in newer Master Grade kits? Normally I would be inclined to cut the last three fingers apart but this time around I’ll let it go since the fingers are plenty articulate enough on their own.


With both his hands and wrist guards complete, Sinanju joins in on the cheering!


The shoulder frames. I actually forgot to take pictures of them after they had been completed but really what you see on the finished model is what goes on top of these. After building them I got distracted applying dry-transfer decals and I have to say…good god. I’m not sure I can expect myself to apply all of these and not botch at least three or four of them in the process. My current plan is to put the bigger ones on (10S, the white lines around the shoulders, legs and feet) and then decide how I’m going to get the other ones on there after that.


Extra booster arrays that go on the shoulders. With the one spike on there I am vaguely reminded of a tengu.


The halves of the waist, in addition to some mysterious moving part that doesn’t seem to serve any purpose with it’s movement.


The front skirts in addition to what little dry-decaling I have done so far. Less is more!


More of those TUBES go from the back skirts to the front skirts.


Side skirts, with more boosters. I’m reminded faintly of the Sazabi, despite being much much much more partial to the Sinanju’s design.


This is where we’ll be stopping tonight, with the right arm needing cleaned up. With any luck I’ll be able to have the suit standing on it’s own tomorrow. It’s back to work monday though, so I won’t have the luxury of staying up until six in the morning working on models.


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