Have you ever…

Had a rather poor day and found yourself buying something just to take your mind off things?

I suspect around Saturday or Monday next week a shiny new HD Color version of the MSN-00100 will be arriving at my door, along with three action bases (Unicorn and Sinanju versions and a black one). With the release of the PG Red Frame now back at the tail end of March I feel like I need another little project to keep me busy. I’m curious to see if it’s like the EXF versions that have been released (same molds, different colors) or if they’ve done anything new with the Hyaku Shiki that came out in March of 2001. Honestly, I’m expecting the kit to be the same as it’s 2001 counterpart (12-13 runners, POLYCAAAAAPS) but the Type-100 is so awesome it doesn’t matter much. 2001 molds confirmed, which I’m fine with.

If I wind up getting impatient then I can see myself ordering the Zeta gundam to go along with it. It’s getting to the point where I really should invest in a display case or something to keep these things in since I have a handful of models that are actually sitting in their boxes right now due to a lack of room.

Which makes me think…

I know a lot of people who build gunpla seem to wind up with a backlog of some sort of kits that need building, some more severe than others. What causes that? So far, the closest I’ve gotten to a backlog is when Sinanju and Unicorn arrived together. Is it just finding a good deal on some kits all within a short period of time, buying a bunch of suits that you like since you know you’re going to build them all eventually anyway or something else? I don’t think a backlog is necessarily a bad thing (at least you’ll be busy) but I can definitely see it playing a role in getting burned out quick when you have this pile of models sitting around unbuilt. So what’s the story, how did you end up with all those models sitting around waiting to be built?


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  1. #1 by Rob on February 26, 2009 - 02:04

    I know the feeling, there’s nothing better than capping off a crappy day with a nice splurge to make yourself feel better. Storage space is definitely something to worry about though in the future! Regarding the backlog, I wrote on my blog about mine, so take a look.

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