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More Sinanju pictures!

Finished applying all the decals (or at least, all the ones I can do…I botched a few here and there) finally! It’s just like the Unicorn and all those little red stickers, but more tedious. Considering how I apply dry-transfers (Tape it place, rub on) it’s a small miracle I managed to avoid ruining ones that I had already placed down with the tape. I still need to apply topcoat, but I only have half a can left. I intend to order four or five cans (seriously, having to import topcoat of all things sucks) next week, so maybe you’ll see some daylight shots then.

Anyway, taking these pictures remind me how bad Sinanju’s grip is. The weapons (the rifle and shield especially) have some heft to them and the way the wrists are designed the point of the cuff (black/gold part) will usually make the weapon pop out of his hand, unless that weapon is the rifle in which case you’ll just have a tough time to getting it in his hand since the tab is so far back. The wrists are on the weak side too since the rifle likes to sag in his hand, but now I’m just complaining needlessly. It’s still a very solid and mobile model, much more so than the other Gundam UC model we’ve gotten. Of course, the kit is a pretty big undertaking- if you want to build this beast you’ve got to be ready to go the extra mile with nub removal, painting and decal application to really bring out how great it looks. My painting skills aren’t the best on the block (in retrospect, I should have taken more time painting over and over parts. I’ve never been the most patient person in the world though) but as you can see if you can keep your hand steady then things will likely turn out okay.

I’m carrying on now though, so have some pictures. PG Red Frame either tomorrow or Thursday! I’ll post some pictures of the box when it gets here but construction probably won’t start until Friday rolls around.

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Obligatory Introduction.

After a long running love of Gundam and other Giant Robots I got excited about the idea of being involved with Gunpla when I was introduced to Lupes about a month ago. His already bolstering collection had enthralled and excited me. I had pieced together a couple non-grade kits in my childhood; Wing Zero, Epyon, and Deathscythe Hell Custom. All very weak kits with little appeal now, but then I was in love. A love I didn’t feel again until I gazed upon this holy fortification, a Dark Tower of mobile suits.

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Introductions and Updates

Added a new user to the blog, Mmy (a local friend) who will also be doing updates to the site from here on.

In other news, I finished the PG Wing Zero and weathered my Zaku II! On the downside, while wiring up the battery pack for the Zero one of the wires must have been damaged as none of the lights would work when I tested them after wiring everything up. Regardless, the finished kit is still a sight to behold. Pictures after the jump!

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Wing Zero…

Wing Zero is confused by this quarter…

I’m just about done, sorry for the lack of WIP updates. I’m only two days in but I only have the battery/switch compartment, the armor for the left arm, wings and the weapons left to build. Thankfully, all the lights are working properly. I’m a bit confused as far as setting the switch up goes, if anyone is out there (Rob) I’d love an explaination and how the hell I tell one side from the other on the switch itself. I’m also pleased to note that the 8mm action base thing sits nicely on the bottom of the PG Zero, so I can play around with it and get it in most of it’s signature poses! Of course, I’ll probably use some blue-tac or something else to give it a little extra stick, just to be sure it stays put.

Paid for PG Red Frame (hello bonus parts!) today, so that might ship out and be here by the middle of next week. If not, end of next week. Either way, I’ll be done with Zero by then!

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PG Wing Zero shipped out today and ought to be here by the time I arrive home from work tomorrow! Either that or Thursday, it depends mostly on if UPS just makes the two hour trip here or breaks it up.


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Group photo!

I was dusting off my shelf where I keep my gunpla (and subsequently the gunpla themselves) and decided to take a shot of all of them standing on the top shelf.

Yes, I built God Gundam a few days ago. I didn’t really take pictures yet because the clip marks on his gauntlets are horrible and need to be painted over. The only thing worth mentioning is that the action frame is a cool concept but is surpassed by today’s MG style. I’ll take pictures eventually.

Took a few more pictures of Sinanju while I was at it.

There is only room for one red mobile suit!

Victory air guitar?

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I used my Ez8 model as a testing ground for these two things since it was only a 30$ model and could only benefit from being finished better. I’m pleased with how it turned out, though I know I can improve my weathering technique by a lot right now. I certainly have the tools do so with Tamiya’s weathering sets (A/B/C/D), so it’s just a matter of refining my work. The topcoat on Unicorn is currently drying, so if it makes things look that much better you can expect to see a few more shots of it as well (limited as it’s posing ability is).

I went with a heavily worn look, considering by the end of the 8th MS Team the Ez8 has seen quite a bit of action in a short period of time. Soot from fighting in the city and mud/dirt from the mountain bits. I tried to weather the booster pack but you really can’t see any of the work I did there (aside from the little bit of burnt orange and blue around the booster edges). While it looks dirty as all-get-out compared to the rest of the unweathered models it sits next to, I think that the dirty look suits the Ez8 very well and gives the kit an neat level of personality that the other kits don’t have.

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