Various Updates

Updated the ‘Finished Projects’ page with links to photobucket albums of the models listed there. The finished models themselves will likely be on the last pages of the albums since I opted to upload the construction pictures as well.

Picking up the HD Hyaku-Shiki from the post office tomorrow (Apparently they just left the slip instead of even trying to knock on the door to drop it off. I can only figure this is because they didn’t want to leave a package with 100$ worth of items just sitting out) along with my three action bases. Expect more pictures to materialize in the aforementioned albums and an update here mentioning it sooner or later.

If I’m timing everything right (Gundam Store and More typically has my items to me in two days) then by the end of the week I’ll have the Zaku II and Zeta, assuming I miss the UPS fellow due to being at work with the God Gundam not far behind (the seller, the same one I bought my Hi-Nu from, is also pretty speedy) those two. Looks like I’ll be plenty busy until PG Red Frame ships out! I almost bought the 00/0-Raiser combination from HLJ in addition to all of this, but after looking at the model I decided I really really really am not fond of the way it looks. Not to mention I’m sure Bandai will release a version that comes with the GN Blade III sometime in the future, or possibly a Trans-AM EXF version that includes said sword. I’m still holding out for a Masurao or preferably a Susanoo 1/100 model, but so far it’s been nothing but fairly uninteresting suits for the season two models. I will say that I’d love to see a master grade release of the Exia or 00 (if they made it look less bland) since the current no grade 00 kits are able to do some excellent posing. Alas, who knows when or even if that will happen.

In other news, I am sick to death of this cold weather. I’m looking forward to spring and being able to open a window and enjoy a cool breeze!


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