MSZ-006-3 Zeta Gundam

All done! I’ve never built Zeta before but after paying attention to the general consensus (ie: the feet suck, good thing it comes with a stand) I have to agree it’s a really nice kit. I managed to hunt down the limited edition Karaba Assault version, keeping in line with my usual penchant for being a sucker when it comes to limited editions of anything ever.

With this done, I’ll probably attempt to take a break for a day or two before I launch in to building the God Gundam. These things were supposed to last me until the end of March! It’s only the 6th and I’ve already gotten two of them done, oh woe is me. I should start finding ways to make these things take longer or stop working so fast/so much on them. The trade offs to being free on days when no one else is and all, you know?

Anyway! Enjoy your model pictures.

I actually started this three days ago when I gotta annoyed with the Hyaku-Shiki but before long I went back to finish up the Type 100.


The neat part about the head is that the v-fin is actually four parts, as to allow the frontmost fins to fold up for the wave rider mode. Otherwise it’s business as usual here. You’ll notice I opted to use the foil stickers for this one instead of painting it like I usually do. Call it what you will but I decided they really didn’t look to bad for this kit (not to mention the shade of blue for the camera is a color I don’t have).


Innermost section of the chest. The head and neck slide up and down and if you take a closer look you can see all the hinges that the arms, waist and outer armor will attach to. As with most transforming mobile suits there are a lot of sliding and swinging parts.


The head and chest, together. If you’re familiar with the WUZ’s design you might be wondering where the pink details are at. Well, the majority of that is on a sticker sheet that I forgot to take a picture of. At this point I hadn’t even realized why the suit seemed too white to me, so by the time I did I had to go back and disassemble some things to put the stickers on. They’re not bad in quality but as with most stickers getting them just right can prove to be a bit tedious. Included with the pink stickers is another piece of paper that tells you were and what step to apply them on.

One fully assemled arm next to all the parts that make it up. It’s hard to say which had more pieces, this or the Unicorns arm. I’m tempted to say that the Zeta does but at the same time there aren’t any gimmicks with the arms really aside from the grenade launchers that are in the wrist. I didn’t bother to cut the hands apart on the left arm due to a bout of laziness. In the end it’s not much of a loss since the fingers themselves aren’t insanely poseable anyway.


Upper body complete!


Inside of the waist. As you can see, more hinges and swinging parts abound. It’s not like any of the other models I’ve built thusfar, not that that is a bad thing. Transforming mobile suits and all…


Boosters in the back skirt armor. Gotta move all that junk somehow, right?


The finished waist internals. The things that curve up are what the side skirts will attach to and I’m assuming they’re designed the way they are due to the waverider (as with most unusual things with this suit- I haven’t switched it over yet).


Only halfway finished and already gearing up for some offensive maneuvers. Amuro is dangerous.



These are the two parts the make up the legs for the suit, which are really the only shortcoming it has. The way it’s made (plus the weight from Zeta’s wings) mean that the foot itself can’t do any real moving which in turn leads to the model not really being able to stand under it’s own power unless you put it in some incredibly awkward poses. Thankfully it comes with a (HUGE) display stand, though it’d be nice if you could pose it on a flat surface.


Assembled legs. At this point I was still hopeful that they’d still be able to sit flat (and they do!), but once you add the outermost parts of the armor it falls flat on it’s face. Action bases come in handy for this sort of thing though, along with putting on stickers.


Finished body unit, sans wings.  You can see how the lower leg armor interferes with the foot movement pretty plainly here. I regret lining the codpiece bit there.


Profile shot, showing all all the pink stickers. They don’t go on 100% right each time but as long as you don’t press them down you can always pull them back up and try again.


I sort of sped through building the wings, but here’s a picture of the finished unit (complete with too-bright light). This is the cause of the Zeta’s balance issues but at least it does manage to look really nice once it’s all properly detailed. As you can see, I did put some of the stickers and dry transfer decals on the model. After the RX-0, the tiny sticker sheet included with the Zeta was no big deal.


I deviated from the path set forth by the manual and stuck a few more dry transfers on the model sparingly. I don’t think it’s too much but it does add a little bit of a personal touch. It’s not as in depth as painting the model but I’m still practicing on that little number..

I originally wanted to put a red “Z” with a grey or black “III” slightly above it, but none of the III decals would transfer right…after two failed attempts I gave up and left the Z there by it’s lonesome. The white unicorn on the right skirt plate shouldn’t really  need explaining.

It’s a nice kit overall, with the grievance of the feet overlooked. The stand is really  nice and does lend itself well to posing the model (even though I didn’t take any with it). Everything has a decent enough range of motion but it certainly can’t do ultra extreme poses like the Sinanju but that’s to be expected. The weapons are solid enough and fit well with the model, though the Mega Particle Cannon is absolutely gigantic and easily the biggest weapon I’ve built for any model thus far.

With that, pictures!


Falling shot. The beam rifle, while big, doesn’t drag his hand or arm down when posed like this.


Have you ever seen Gundam Evolve episode nine? You should probably hope you aren’t what he’s flying towards so intently.



This thing is absolutely huge. If you’re familiar with the kit then you know that it’s almost impossible for the Zeta to hold this without some serious fanangling.


Heero Yuy, eat your heart out.


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  1. #1 by hardymen on April 23, 2009 - 11:37

    So this is the Zeta Gundam Karaba Assault version….looks impressive.

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