Hyaku-Shiki is finished, I didn’t take many pictures while building since there really wasn’t anything special going on there. It’s a really nice kit considering it’s age but you can see how old it is with how many polycaps are used to for his joints and how simple it is overall (I managed to get it done in about four hours). Also, maybe it’s just me but it seems like the plastic is super brittle, though this isn’t really a big deal since it doesn’t have much impact on the actual model. The gold finish on the HD version doesn’t look bad at all but for the record if you happen to use a gundam marker on the kit to cover up a clip mark or hide a seem you had best get it right on the first try since when you wipe the paint away the finish comes with it. Aside from that, not much to mention except for the hinged hands. They have a nice solid grip on the weapons which is great considering the way the hands were made for older MGs was really annoying and not that much better than your HG design.

The HD decals were basically worthless and I gave up on them after two of them floated away off the backing after 20 seconds in water. I had no issues with the normals ones however, so the signature markings on his shoulders remain.

He poses good and I’ll take pictures eventually, but for now I’ve already started working on the White Unicorn Zeta (Currently have the upper body done, working on the lower waist- have been taking pictures so far, hopefully I remember the whole time) so you’ll have to settle with some stock shots.




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