WIP – Black Tri-Stars Zaku II – Day 2

I got the arms and legs frames done today between playing MS Saga and Ace Combat 5. The model continues to be interesting and fun to put together.


You can see the sliding bit on the back of the elbow that slides when you flex the arm. The arm is simple but no one ever said it needed a billion gimmicks to be good. It’s clean and functional!


The standard assembled/unassembled picture. As you can see there really isn’t much going on here but I want to point out that these version 2 hands (unlike the Zeta’s) are just like Sinanju’s, which means I don’t have to cut them apart for them to be plenty excellent.


Zaku really wishes he had some legs under him right now…PSone creeps ever closer to our immobile mobile suit.


The leg units have an awesome range of motion, as do the feet. Hopefully the armor doesn’t interfere with that once I get around to putting it on.


Zaku in the buff. He seems a little on the short side but I guess that’s what happens when you get used to building models that are on the scale of the Hi-Nu/Unicorn/Sinanju.


At least he can still be somewhat dignified. I think out of all the models I’ve built thusfar this kit gets in to the kneeling stance easitest. I’m eager to see if it remains so after I put everything else on.


Like I said before, this kit has been fun to assemble. Maybe it’s because I’m taking my time more and not burning through the whole thing as fast as I can but I’m really enjoying it. Moreover this model is really expressive in the way it poses and I will more than likely have ordered some F and J types to experiment weathering with (along with topcoating) before the end of the month. It’s pretty much the last thing I need with the PG Red Frame coming out soon (it felt like it would be forever a few weeks ago!) but in case the PG gets overwhelming they’ll serve as a nice intermission.


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