wip – Black Tri-Stars Zaku II – day 3

I finished the body and got the majority of the decals/stickers I want to put on applied but as of yet haven’t bothered to construct his weapons.


Zaku stands smartly at attention. Even all armored up this kit poses easily and looks damn good doing it.


C’mon, I got two fists- one for each of you.


Peek-aboo Style?!


Just kidding, boxer Zaku prefers his orthodox (maybe? it might be southpaw) stance.


Blocking a shadow punch…


Right counter!!

So yes, a very fun kit just to mess with so far. The weapons will probably be built Monday some time, depending on if my F-Type Zaku and weathering supplies are here by then. Expect to see one more post with this Zaku post-topcoating as well. Overall I’m very pleased with this kit (obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be planning on buying even more of them) and am glad I finally got around to building it. My one complaint with this particular varient of the Zaku II is that the high mobility boosters on the legs interfere with the flex, so it can’t kneel like before at all. That’s a minor gripe a best though, as it would rarely be bent down like that anyway.


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  1. #1 by Rob on March 15, 2009 - 09:11

    Looking nice. The Zaku series are good builds, that’s why I ended up having 5 on my backlist. Looking forward to seeing how it looks with seals and all. Planning to do weathering on it as well?

  2. #2 by lupes on March 15, 2009 - 18:21

    Not this one, but on the F-type I have on the way I’ll be doing some snow/mud. Can’t think of anything that would look really good on the BTS one. I’ll also probably go back to Ez8 and give him a good mud/sand weathering so it looks better than “hey I smudged some gundam marker on you to fake the dirty look”.

    If I get ballsy enough it’s likely I’ll try my hand at battle damage on a J-type.

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