Complete- Black Tri-Stars Zaku II! (Also, rambling)

Finally got around to finishing off the weapons about an hour ago and snapping some pictures (along with the Hyaku-Shiki). More after the jump.


First up we have the giant bazooka! ‘Giant’ doesn’t really do it justice since the thing is so massive the Zaku has a bit of an issue getting that back piece somewhere where he can still point the bazooka towards a target or hold the cannon comfortably. A little fanangling though and everything is peachy.


Pardon my shoddy detailing, all I had at my disposal for coloring the cable and blade of the head hawk were some chrome, silver and gold gundam markers. not the most outstanding job in the world, but it’s tolerable enough. The dry transfer decal on the shield didn’t go on exactly well either…urgh. The picture and lighting make it look a lot worse than it actually is but I’m hoping topcoating the model might hide it a little bit. All of the other ones went on fine, I can figure it’s due to how I handled it (using three pieces of tape to cover the whole sticker then rubbing it on). Live and learn, I guess.

I kind of fogot to pose him with the Zaku machine gun…oops.


Leaping strike! The Hyaku-Shiki is caught off guard, but attempts to block with one of his beam sabers…


Disarmed but still intact, Char Quattro reaches for his second saber while the Zaku is still off balance from whiffing his flashy diving strike.


Blade ignited, Quattro starts to charge towards his target! (Wow, that sticker looks quite horrid in this shot.)


Zaku drops his heat hawk and shoulders the Type 100’s blow! He best find a method of attack that doesn’t involve being this close to the Hyaku-Shiki, though…


Using those boosters to it’s advantage the Zaku II takes to the skies in a hurry while drawing on it’s machine gun! Quattro feints, making it appear he’s going to dive to the left…


But instead closes the gap when the pilot is readjusting his aim!

The rest…

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

…is history.

As I said the entire time I was building it, the Zaku II 2.0s are definitely great kits. Aside from the issue of the thrusters on the legs getting in the way of the flex (this problem is probably exclusive to this variant of the Zaku, though) it’s got an excellent range of motion and can definitely be a very expressive kit. The Hyaku-Shiki really impressed me as well, it’s got really great articulation for a kit that’s almost 7 years old! Definitely something that anyone just getting in to MG kits should check out since it’s fairly inexpensive and a solid build.

My F-type Zaku II was waiting for me on the doorstep when I arrived home from work today, but I’m going to postpone construction until my weathering supplies and topcoat arrive from HLJ (estimating thursday-friday). Before trying it on the Zaku II I’ll be going back to my first MG kit, the Ez8, and giving it a proper going over with some weathering instead of the horrible-smeared gundam marker job I did. While it worked at the time, this will look infinitely better.

Still searching for Sinanju wetslide decals. eBay, google shops, amazon and HLJ all do not have any. It’s really starting to get on my nerves since I know that getting all the markings on there would make it look outstanding (not to mention fixing the ones that I botched)..but what can you do? I’ll probably be going back over the gold trim bits again sometime soon as well, just to deepen the gold and shine it up a little more.

Oh, I read from Martin Wandering (Who read from Ngee Khiong) that the Gouf is finally getting the Version 2.0 treatment! While I don’t like the Gouf enough to buy it, Gouf Custom would be an awesome kit to have as a 2.0 release considering I love the 8th MS Team…but the current Gouf Custom kit (you know, old old OLD) seems to have some serious loose joint issues. My friend just recently finished building his and overall I wasn’t too impressed so let’s hope a Gouf Custom v2.0 is on the way too!

That’s about all I have now, I don’t know what you guys can expect. PG Red Frame is on the horizon (along with a trip to Gundam Store and More for yours truly if things pan out correctly, which might mean PG Wing Zero as well) and my copies of Another Century’s Encounters oughta be here soon as well…so there might be a lack of updates for a little bit, haha. I will be sure to make a post about the topcoating/weathering process though, so you can at least look forward to that!


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