I used my Ez8 model as a testing ground for these two things since it was only a 30$ model and could only benefit from being finished better. I’m pleased with how it turned out, though I know I can improve my weathering technique by a lot right now. I certainly have the tools do so with Tamiya’s weathering sets (A/B/C/D), so it’s just a matter of refining my work. The topcoat on Unicorn is currently drying, so if it makes things look that much better you can expect to see a few more shots of it as well (limited as it’s posing ability is).

I went with a heavily worn look, considering by the end of the 8th MS Team the Ez8 has seen quite a bit of action in a short period of time. Soot from fighting in the city and mud/dirt from the mountain bits. I tried to weather the booster pack but you really can’t see any of the work I did there (aside from the little bit of burnt orange and blue around the booster edges). While it looks dirty as all-get-out compared to the rest of the unweathered models it sits next to, I think that the dirty look suits the Ez8 very well and gives the kit an neat level of personality that the other kits don’t have.

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