Introductions and Updates

Added a new user to the blog, Mmy (a local friend) who will also be doing updates to the site from here on.

In other news, I finished the PG Wing Zero and weathered my Zaku II! On the downside, while wiring up the battery pack for the Zero one of the wires must have been damaged as none of the lights would work when I tested them after wiring everything up. Regardless, the finished kit is still a sight to behold. Pictures after the jump!

Overall, very pleased with how both kits turned out (The F-type Zaku II is Mmy’s). I originally weathered the R-type  very heavily with snow and a light dusting of dirt but after applying a topcoat the snow detail kind of faded. Still, it looks well enough.

The PG Zero is great all around, though my only gripe with the kit is that the wings like to pop off occasionally while posing and don’t hold in place that well when I try to put the in a swept-back position. I tried to get the action base shots in however I underestimated the sheer size of the wings, which made the base tilt unevenly. Not to mention that I couldn’t get it to sit up high on the stand…alas. Sometime I’ll try to fabricate a stand for it. The one that will constantly get me about Zero is just how outright huge it is! It dwarfs eeeeverything, especially the tiny little Wing Ver. Ka sitting on the shelf below it. I’ll updated the finished projects page soon with a link to the pictures I took while building it (I completed the frame first and took a few shots, so you can have those to look forward to) before the end of the week. I’ll need to buy more topcoat before I even think about tackling this though, as the 3/4ths of a can I have now won’t be nearly enough.

PG Red Frame next week! Pictures are already surfacing on the internet of kits, which does nothing but build up excitement. I’ll have my hands on it the week sometime and will likely have it built by the time the weekend rolls around (if Zero was any indication). Here’s hoping!


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