Obligatory Introduction.

After a long running love of Gundam and other Giant Robots I got excited about the idea of being involved with Gunpla when I was introduced to Lupes about a month ago. His already bolstering collection had enthralled and excited me. I had pieced together a couple non-grade kits in my childhood; Wing Zero, Epyon, and Deathscythe Hell Custom. All very weak kits with little appeal now, but then I was in love. A love I didn’t feel again until I gazed upon this holy fortification, a Dark Tower of mobile suits.

This past weekend I took a holy pilgrimage to this tower and was gifted by its dark lord a Master Grade MS-06F Zaku II Principality of Zeon Mass Productive Mobile Suit. I toiled and bumbled through the torso, head, and right arm friday night. Slowly gaining skill in shaving clip marks and the like. Saturday I finished the beast, despising the spring used for the legs tubes. Looking upon it I could not help but think that the standard color pallet left something to be desired. So I thought it prudent to weather my new little friend. Mud was the most appropriate effect I could think of something so green. My OCD led me to take a whole 3 hours perfecting the weathering on Zaku II. I’ll have to take some detail shots and post them on here later. If you’ve seen one of these kits then you’ll know how big of a difference it makes. One obstacle I had to overcome were the darker green and gray parts. They didn’t take well to the Mud so I put down a nice underlying coat of Sand and then dusted it with Mud to give it a multilayer effect. Very prime, imho.

This post is nearing 300 words as it stands and I feel like I’m dragging on so lets make this quick. Lupes detailed my heathawk so that it looked red hot, he also did the panel lining cause I really didn’t feel confident doing it myself. The eye is metallic green, I also colored the scope lens red, both good accents that make the whole thing pretty swanky. We topcoated both of our weathered Zakus which had varying negative effects. On mine I had some spots where the topcoat pooled slightly and did not dry fully. I was kinda let down by this, but other than a few accidental fingerprints its all good in the hood.

For my first real kit, and a master grade at that, I think I did a fairly good job. There are some bad clip marks from early in the kit where I wasn’t confident in shaving them off and ended up leaving some bad spots. I’ll upload and post some pics in a little bit. Stay tuned for more write ups about kits I do, and possibly a ustream recording or two.


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