Perfect Grade Astray Red Frame!

It’s about time I got around to this, huh?

Sadly, I didn’t take many pictures while building each individual part like I did with Unicorn and Sinanju. Regardless, everything was pretty straightforward. Build the frame, put armor over it. As you’ll see, I did use some of the clear parts from the special pre-order gift set but only in places where it would by symmetrical with the other side.

Being that the frame is based off the PG Strike you’ll be bound to have some parts leftover on your runners from things like the back, legs, waist and some other parts I can’t really pick out. This isn’t really anything resembling a big deal but it’s something worth mentioning. I’m sure those of you who’ve assembled the Strike will see plenty of similarities while putting the frame together.

Of course, the outermost parts of the armor are really what we’re all here for. Despite being so new there aren’t really any annoying gimmicks here to deal  with and the lights for the head are a piece of cake to take care of (Remember your CR1220 batteries, everyone!) compared to something like the Wing Zero’s. Pictures after the jump!

Box! It’s very large, bigger than the PG zero box by a good amount. The gift parts box is the size of your average MG kit box (Like the God Gundam, or the F-type Zaku II).

The size of the Gerbera Straight/Tiger Pierce. As you can see, it’s huge.

This is as difficult as any “wiring” gets for this gundam. After how badly the Zero went I was incredibly happy to see I wouldn’t have to fiddle around with more wires. The object on the left slides in to the head and the red part on the right covers it up nicely. While it’s loose enough to pop off with a little force you don’t need to worry about the cover coming off at random.

Standing tall. Astray is about a head and a half taller than the Zero which doesn’t surprise me at all since the EW suits are all shorter than your average gundam. Something of note, while nub marks are fairly well hidden on the kit, the ones for the chrome parts of the sword and gold parts of the handle are in HORRIBLE spots, so have some paint (if that’s your style) or the GM04 (Gold) and GM200 (Chrome) gundam markers handy to cover up the garish spots left behind. I’d like to think I did a decent job of cleaning them up as you can only see them if you look reeeeaally close.

Part of the backpack, where the beam sabers are stored in two kind of bucket-like compartments that can spin around. While I tried to maintain symmetry with the rest of the model I felt that having one saber different from the other would look good, kind of how the Tiger Pierce is a different shade of red from the Gerbera Straight.

Showing off the clear armor parts. Maybe it’s my technique for trimming down the nubs (make that probably) but I find it really tough to hide spots on the darker see through parts like on the chest and shield. I did what I could though, and you can’t really see them either. I’d really like to know why we couldn’t have had enough clear parts to replace all of the white armor (I’d guess it comes down to space- fitting clear doubles of the C and D trees in the bonus box probably would have made it more cramped) but whatever. You work with what you have.

Just a little bit of detail in the leg. There’s another spot on the head just like this that I used the GM21 felt-tipped grey for. End result was good, as the edges don’t stand out too much. I think if I ever put together a Gundam version 2.0 or OYW kit I’ll use this marker so the panel lines aren’t so in your face.

Plug for the shield. This is actually hidden until you flip it up to use it, how nice of Bandai.

Almost didn’t want to use this picture because of how badly I missed some of the nub marks on the hands (I’ve since cleaned them up) but I wanted to show the nice effects on the beam sabers. Instead of just being a boring pink they added in some sparkle and whatnot to make it look a little more lively. I much prefer these sabers to the Zero’s (which don’t even stay in the saber handle! what the hell?) in both looks and how well they hold up.

Of course, we all know what weapon the Red Frame is all about…

The Gerbera Straight (and Tiger Pierce!) Like I said before, both weapons look amazing drawn, sheathed or on the bonus stand but I think it’s a safe assumption that most people will have their Astray swinging the gigantic blades around.

You might notice a lack of pictures with his beam rifle…well, that’s because I didn’t bother to build it. Honestly, I have zero intention of ever having it in the models hands since the blades will likely remain there in one way or another.  Also, due to the use of clear parts, I don’t think I’ll be able to topcoat it without taking the entire thing apart (something I really do not feel like doing) and doing things bit by bit. There’s also the matter of stickers, which I also didn’t bother to put on. For Katoki suits I think they’re an important piece of the suit’s design but for the Red Frame I think I’ll be sticking with the clean look.

Not really sure what else to say about the kit, it was an easy build compared to stuff like Sinanju and Unicorn (though I was working while putting those together, as opposed to have the weekend off to work on them). The kit is very well made, standing firm in poses and being able to move around very well. Generally as long as you’re reasonable it’ll look great no matter what position you try to put it in. If you’ve got the cash to blow on PG kits, The Red Frame is most certainly a solid addition to your collection. Just make sure you’ve got the space handy for it first!

In other news, I recieved some of the supplies for my next project today…but more on that when this are closer to getting underway. 😉 I think people might get a little excited about this one once I start talking about it!

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  1. #1 by AstrayP03 on April 29, 2009 - 01:36

    Awesome! I wanted to pre-book it but didn’t… hope to get it in the near future =(

  2. #2 by mike on May 6, 2009 - 06:58

    Good. Kick Ass. It’s too late for ppl like us to go for Astray now since the First Press extra is already out. But anyway soon or later I’ll try my best to get my hands on this PG.

  3. #3 by lupes on May 6, 2009 - 09:46

    @mike: Yeah, the kit is still really awesome regardless of having the bonus parts or not.

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