RX-78-2 Ver. OYW and…

Taking my sweet time with this one (already on day four of building it), but so far it’s been a pretty pleasant experience. No complicated gimmicks, just the normal Gundam we know and love. The version I got was some PS2 game color version that was mostly muted pastels, which wound up not mattering much since I was planning on painting the kit from the start. Went with a combination of metallic grey/gunmetal/gold leaf/flat black with some chrome for some accent on the boosters. Sadly, the gunmetal I used on the backpack didn’t wind up looking much different from the metallic grey of the chest.

This is where I stopped on day two, day one being the head and chest. I hear a lot of complaints about the legs on the 1.5/OYW versions of the RX-78 but I didn’t think it was that horrible to cut out..only as bad as chopping out the PG red frame’s hands at worst. On a side note, I like how the OYW Gundam has you build the weapons and shield first since by the time I reach the end of the kit I have to really work up the motivation to build the accessories.

Day three. As you can see my workspace is really messy from all the paint but it’s nothing some rubbing alcohol can’t fix up (much like mishaps on the kit). Anyway, Gundam may not have had arms at this point but he wasn’t going to let that stop him from playing with the Hyper Hammer (coolest weapon ever, just FYI). This version of the gundam has tons of panel lines on it, something I like a lot. Really adds to the detail and overall ‘Real Robot’ feel of the kit.

While it looks like I really slacked today, I had to armor and detail the back of the legs before building the arm frames so I did manage to get a little more done than it initally looks like I did. Gundam can now swing his Hyper Hammer merrily about, knocking Zakus and Doms around as he pleases. Something kind of annoying, the handle for the hammer doesn’t have a tab for it so it has a tendency to slide out of the Gundam’s hand if it’s not tilted a bit.

I also got started on my big project! It should have been fairly obvious what I was planning, but here.

With the other kits I’ve painted I’ve done parts of the kit but for the most part left the body alone. With this, I plan on painting the entire kit. Obviously the psychoframe will be metallic blue but I’m still somewhat torn on what color to do the body in. Black is probably really overdone by now (what with the RX-0 Banshee and all), but I’m not sure if metallic grey will do enough to differentiate itself well enough from the normal white version. Regardless of what color I decide to paint it, I managed to get myself a sheet of the waterslide decals and some Mr. Mark setter so I won’t have to stare any any horrible sticker outlines. Along with that, I found some of the Gundam UC volume 4 special editions on ebay (my poor wallet), so I snatched those up as well. Yes, they’ll all be on this model. I have a few other things planned but they’re pretty tenative, so I’ll try not to build anticipation for something that might not happen.

And now for something different. I took this just a bit ago…

The models on this shelf have far more work put in to them than most of the other kits I’ve done (I would dare say that the OYW gundam and Zaku II got more TLC than either of my PG kits, though not more than Sinanju and Unicorn) or are something akin to a milestone in advancing my technique. Ez8 was the first kit I topcoated and weathered, Hi-Nu was the first to recieve panel lining that wasn’t absolutely horrible (Astraea and Dynames really deserve to be redone), Zaku II got heavy weathering and topcoat and was the first model I built how I wanted. 00 got the honor of being the first kit to be handpainted and the still-in the-works RX-78-2 is the first to get a new paintjob entirely. It’s nice to be able to have a timeline to look at for my skill, and I look forward to getting even better with my hobby. After all, everyone wants to improve.

This entry is really starting to drag on, but I’ve been somewhat neglecting the blog this month in terms of WIP content so I wanted to do a big update to kind of throw a lot of stuff out there.

After the UC Custom (I should name it…right?) I kind of want to build a Gundam Mk. II, but use an airbrush and design a real knockout colorscheme instead of just changing the colors of parts. We’ll see, yeah? We’re nearing 1,000 hits, so maybe it’ll be a special project for that.

Long days and pleasant nights!


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