Gundam MkII! And TEXT!

So, I finished the model and got a half-assed layer of topcoat applied, just haven’t gotten around to taking pictures since I’m still trying to make it easier to look at pictures of finished models (along with get said pictures uploaded in the first place) and trying to redo the navigation in general to something a little more user friendly. I’m hoping I’ll be able to show it off to everyone by the end of the month but we all know how that goes.

Anyway, Gundam MkII. Overall it’s a very quick and easy build if you’ve got time to actually sit down and work on it for a nice long stretch (Total construction time for me if I had built it straight would have been less than a day) but it’s certainly got some nice detail on the inner frame that feels wasted since it’s all covered up by the armor. Luckily the outer armor has a lot of little markings and details to bring out via panel lining along with some tastefully placed dry transfer decals.

Articulation is great and isn’t obstructed by any parts of the armor and it pulls off a lot of tough poses pretty easily. The legs of the suit feel kind of wobbly though (kind of like the RX-78 Ver. OYW), which I’m not a huge fan of but it could be a lot worse. I lucked out and my Gundam MkII also has the waist issue from the original Gundam MkII Ver. 2.0 kit fixed, something I’m glad for. I wonder if any kits left out there have the old molds? Pictures coming up sometime but I’d like to finish the ton of other stuff I’m working on before getting those done…I’ll try to take some for a separate post since this month has been so sparse.

In other gunpla related news, Sword Impulse finally got after around three weeks. I wound up getting impatient and ordering Nu Gundam from the usual place (GSAM) which got here one day later..on the same day as Sword Impulse. Damn.

Being a whore for Mr. Ray (The only suit he piloted that isn’t sitting on the shelf is the Re-GZ-91, something I might build sometime for completionist’s sake) the Nu Gundam started getting built last night. This sucker is BIG, trumping Hi-Nu in size (Odd, considering Hi-Nu is the finished version of Nu…but whatever) and coming close to Unicorn and Sinanju’s height. It’s also solid as all-get-out thanks to the die-cast parts in the groin and ankles which is something it needs since the fin funnels (that I built backwards the first time, go me) are, like the rest of the suit, hulk sized.For being MG #34, Nu has an impressive (and full!) inner frame even though the joints are tightened by the old ‘bunch of screws’ method, but I think considering the bulk of the funnels and general size of the suit it benefits from the more solid construction. Very pleased with the model so far.

So far I’ve painted the black parts of the suit Tamiya’s TS-40 metallic black but ran out mid-backpack (I really thought one can would be enough to finish at least one of the two) so I can’t finish it or start Sword Impulse until more paint arrives which should be sometime next week. Very pleased with the spray cans though and will likely be using those for any major paintjobs in the future since it doesn’t take a day to paint one tiny part.

For the TL;DR crowd: Things are hectic, Gundam MkII is an awesome kit, Nu Gundam is huge and I can’t tell how much paint I’ll need for a model.

That’s about all for this 600+ WORDS WORDS WORDS update, I promise to have pictures ready next time.


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