WIP- RX-93 Nu Gundam

My latest project is the prototype RX-93 Nu Gundam, seen in Char’s Counterattack.I’m not doing anything too special with the model but I am experimenting with spray paints (Tamiya TS-xx, of course) and the results have been stellar so far. I also took up Z’s ‘trim down the stickers’ technique with awesome results! Click the pictures for high resolution.

I started with the funnels first, wanted to get the iconic part of this suit done first. Not to mention I knew most of the black parts here wouldn’t be seen very well so I could see how the metallic black paint went on. The end result looks pretty nice and made me feel confident about using spray cans for this and any future gunpla. Also, I decided against using the foil stickers for the funel funnels since it would clash with the metallic colors I had going with the rest of the model. The lining came out a bit sloppy though… 😦 Annoyingly enough, there isn’t really a way for me to put these out in attack mode like I can with Hi-Nu’s.

Body, head, waist, leg and arm parts all laid out. Nu Gundam has a full inner frame, which contributes to how rock solid this model feels along with the die-cast ankle and groin parts. After picking up and holding it horizontally, none of the parts move. Being an older MG (34) a lot of the joints are secured by screws and I’ve got no problem with it  since I know the funnels would cause weight issues if it wasn’t built like this. Can you tell I don’t have much time during the day to build any more? Sadness.

Here’s as far as we got before running out of metallic black paint. Obviously my technique for spraypainting pieces needs some serious work. While I painted the majority of the parts in one go, I left a few on the runner and this is the end result…I won’t be making that mistake again. Hopefully my next batch of tamiya paint doesn’t take too terribly long to get here since it’s holding up my other project as well. More on that once I actually start it!

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  1. #1 by Rob on June 23, 2009 - 01:21

    Wow, that gold is really nice looking. Did you do that with hand painting then I take it?
    I spray painted my first PG and it came out really kinda crappy, which is why I’m hesistant to do it again… but I’m also afraid to just jump into a airbrush though… ah the worries of being a gunpla modeller eh?

  2. #2 by lupes on June 23, 2009 - 01:35

    Yeah, it’s actually the same gold paint I’ve had since Sinanju! Gold leaf looks pretty good no matter what you use it on.

    I’m thinking about using some metallic red or mica red and a darker red on my PG Red Frame…I’ve gone back and removed all the clear parts so I can decal and topcoat it at long last and I feel like experimenting.

  3. #3 by Rob on June 23, 2009 - 03:17

    Ah, I’ve picked up the gold leaf, just haven’t had the time to sit down and use it on any kits, especially since Sinanju is way down on my build list.

  4. #4 by lupes on June 24, 2009 - 21:32

    Understandable, Sinanju is kind of a big investment time-wise with all the attention it needs.

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