Let’s play ‘Get Ahead of Ourselves’!

Despite having 0 of the work done for Sword Impulse, Nu and mystery review I found myself starting on an impulse-buy project a few nights ago. I would have made a WIP post, but it would have been all rather drab.

What have I gotten myself in to…? I was originally planning on getting myself the HGUC Sazabi, due to the fact it’s from 2008 and probably a lot better in terms of engineering and space consumption but upon arriving at the Gundam Store and More warehouse  I found the MG version for a mere 40$ due to a little water damage on the box. Unable to resist, I purchased the behemoth.

While I liked the metallic finish version of the Sazabi, I found myself preferring to paint the normal version since the clip marks would straight up suck to hide (As with all other EXF, it was the same model with the same clip points…which means you’re going to have some ugly clip marks if you don’t watch it). I had planned on unifying the Sazabi’s red with Tamiya’s mica red then going over it in metallic red to give it that shine that Sword Impulse has (you’ll see it soon enough), but had it pointed out to me that the Sazabi was supposed to have two differet shades of red, which I have no problems with since it saves me twenty dollars in paint. I’ve used the following paints for the kit so far-

  • TS-38 Gunmetal
  • TS-40 Metallic Black
  • TS-18 Metallic Red
  • X-31 Titanium Gold
  • X-11 Chrome Silver

I haven’t started actual construction yet, but am planning to do so later tonight and Sunday. I would expect a WIP post!


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  1. #1 by Tonzo on July 26, 2009 - 21:54

    I’ve got this guy in the back log. He really wears a bad rep with reviewers and modellers as far as poseability, proportions, and shield arm strength go. I’ll be interested to see what you do with it.

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