Japan aerosol can export ban: Myth BUSTED

A few months ago I read word at various blogs that japan had imposed a full ban on the exportation of spray cans from japan which meant most of us modelers who preferred to use Mr. Hobby brand topcoat were going to have a problem real soon.

Or not. I ordered these FOREVER ago, but after the supposed ban had been put in place. No issues here, so feel free to continue to order topcoat my friends! For the record, I got mine from HLJ, I don’t know if other online stores will still sell it or not.

Also, you can see that Sinanju’s decals have finally arrived…right in the middle of a nice humid stretch here in the states. I’ll be finishing up with my painting and clear coating as soon as the temperature returns to normal, but for now I’ve got to wait.

In somewhat related news, I’m thinking about what to do for my next gunplas. I know MG Exia Ignition mode will be one of them, but other blogs have me thinking about what to do after that- F91 isn’t a bad looking piece, and the X-1 Crossbone Full Cloth is looking pretty good as well…or will I go back and shower my PG Red Frame with some extra attention? Oh, choices choices…


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  1. #1 by GUNDAM GUY on August 10, 2009 - 19:34

    I think is just somebody’s sick trick to us gunpla fans. 2 hobby stores that I visit often said they are getting their supplies as usual.

  2. #2 by Derringer on August 11, 2009 - 01:14

    The original source of the information came from Rainbowten, which has indeed removed ALL of its Spray products from the English page. There’s probably some sort of restriction on certain Japanese stores we’re unaware of since I know HLJ and my local hobby stores were never aware of such a ban.

  3. #3 by lupes on August 11, 2009 - 01:16

    Strange, but thank you for the info.

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