Byebye, 2009!

It’s certainly been a fun year! I only got in to gunpla this year, but as you can see I’ve certainly done my fair share of kits. The hilarious part is that this isn’t all of them, I do believe there were five or six that were boxed up and put away due to my shelf straight up not having enough room to display all of them. Things look better when there’s space to appreciate the work that went in to them if you ask me, so the models that are out and on display are only the ones I’m very proud of or at least pleased with. Let’s go back and take a look at how far we’ve come!

The first post for this blog was made on February 13th, two days after my birthday! It was a simple test post to make sure I had things set up adequately (God, the old theme was such an eyesore at the time. I’m too lazy to make my own though) but the next day a post detailing the process of building my Hi-Nu MG…I find it amusing that the Hi-Nu resin kit was is my current bear of a project I’m trying to wrap up as I type this. Anyway, this was before I had things set up nearly as nice as I do now (thanks to people like Z, who provided a very nice template for me to copy). Going back and reading it, it’s actually a little more in depth than the current page…Oops! But my picture taking abilities have improved a large amount since then.

You can see that things weren’t really that exciting around here at first. I got excited when I hit 1,000 views, honestly not expecting much traffic to begin with. As you can see, once I hit August-September that changed an awful lot…I think I know what caused that, and you probably do too. It was the longest project I’ve done thusfar and also the most fun. I learned a lot while working on this one and got became friends with a lot of fellow builders as well.

This glorious bastard is, as I’ve said many times before, the crown jewel of my gunpla. Part of the 2009 GAF Sinanju Group Build (Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to that thread!!), nothing else I’ve done comes close to the amount of time and dedication I put in to my Sinanju. Everything came out flawlessly and the end result is obvious. Despite my efforts, I don’t feel like I’ve surpassed what I accomplished on this kit yet. Between Sinanju’s design and how splendidly everything came together for it, I don’t know if I ever will. But I’ll keep on trying! I always try to improve or try something new on each model and I think eventually I’m bound to strike gold eventually. I never though I would be able to do something like this when I haphazardly put my Ez8 together in January of this year, but here it is.

Not surprisingly the most popular page is the completed projects page (I didn’t feel like splitting everything up in to HG/MG/PG sections), but what does surprise me is that the Unicorn page is the most popular one. I’m kind of embarrassed that the two pages that rank highest are both very old and rather poorly put together…I ought to delete the playing around review in it’s entirety and update the Unicorn one with pictures of the default model more…I’m kind of surprised to see that the Blue Bersereker’s page is so low, but then again it’s much more recent than pages that have practically been up since the blog’s inception.

And of course, there is everyone out there that stops by to read the blog. You guys are the freakin’ best. From contributing ideas to friendly banter I can comfortably say that this hobby would not be nearly as fun and interesting without you. You’ve helped me out plenty of times when I was at a loss with the next step, contributed ideas for models and in general have been a crazy-awesome supportive lot. Time for some shout-outs!

Martin: The badass renditions of Astraea Type-F and Hi-Nu are gorgeous and served as what would result in eventual addiction to gunpla, and the Gunpla 101 tutorial is the basis of how I handle my kits. It’ll be great when you’re finally able to build again!

Z: Your Unicorn Gundam and detailed battle with Sinanju are what cemented the ‘extra effort’ mentality in my mind. While you don’t go as in-depth as some with your kits, you still do amazing OOB work and your models are impressive regardless of painting or not. You also set the groundwork for how a lot of us probably set our pages up with such a clean layout and review structure!

Rob: Hit the rock, bro. We both started this whole blogging thing around the same time and I know we’ve both improved a ton in the last year. I remember back when we were intimidated by the painting required on Sinanju and now check it out, we’re cranking out painted kits in a day. You also got some killer swag for those of us here in the states, ranging from Sinanju’s bazooka to BGE exclusive stuff. And of course, you’re a hell of a guy. Stay frosty, some day I’ll get a PS3 for some overseas 0081 action.

busterbeam: BUSTAAAAH BEAAAAAMU. I’ve always wanted to do that. Where the hell are our Gunbuster/Diebuster plamo? Your Sinanju was something that blew my mind when I saw it, same with your Impulse Gundam. You’ve always got some interesting discussion going on over at your blog be it from the technological standpoint or just hot asian women. Your Exia is bound to be killer, keep up the awesome work.

Tonzo: You contributed a lot to the SGB thread and answered all fourteen million questions I had and definitely contributed to the eventual huge success of that model. When you finish your God Gundam and Musha, they’ll definitely be a sight to behold.

Gaijin Gunpla: YOU’RE THE MAN. Thanks to you I’ve got a replacement part for my shield! I promise that I’ll work on it, but I want to make sure it’s PERFECT before I go and fiddle with it. You’ve got some awesome taste in colors with your yellow Sinanju and purple IWSP strike. Sucks that you’ll have to be taking a hiatus for a bit, but we all know family comes before hobbies and will be looking forward to your return to gunpla. MAD UPS for getting the Yellowbird and your awesome work recognized at Ignite.

Ren & Tako: You guys got good at gunpla FAST. Your RX-78-2 OYW is definitely my favorite kit that you’ve done so far, but I’m always expecting top-notch stuff from you after your awesome job on the HG Enact! Keep it up!

Lanky: Ausbro, you’re awesome. Enough said.

And to everyone else out there that I didn’t name or that comes by after they see this, thank you too! Like I said, this wouldn’t be nearly as fun without the community that comes with it. I’ll keep on building gunpla and trying new things, so hopefully the new year holds ton of great MG and HG kits for us to work on.

Have a safe and happy new years, I’ll see you (albeit completely hungover) in 2010!

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  1. #1 by Derringer on January 1, 2010 - 03:20

    hello 2010

  2. #2 by Jacques on January 1, 2010 - 05:43

    Happy New Year to you lupes 🙂

  3. #3 by Busterbeam on January 1, 2010 - 06:00

    lol i wonder how many people actually know where i got my name? you do apparently. its been a trip man. youre relatively new and young to the scene but i really do love your work! you’re a quick study. heres to more gunpla fun in 2010!

  4. #4 by AstrayP03 (Zhe) on January 1, 2010 - 07:05

    Happy New Year, Lupes ^^

  5. #5 by Tonzo on January 1, 2010 - 07:14

    Thanks for the shout out mate. Great post. Happy new year.

  6. #6 by Z on January 2, 2010 - 02:35

    Happy new year Lupes! You know… it’s hard to believe that you have “just” started Gunpla considering all your work has put mine to shame (Sinanju and X-1) xD. I’ve thought you’ve been a pro. Keep it up though. As always, looking forward to more bad ass models from you. Thanks for the shout!

  7. #7 by divinelight on January 3, 2010 - 01:57

    Happy New Year^^

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