ZGMF-X56S/β Sword Impulse Gundam Photodump

Because I didn’t have anything to do (boooo, job market), I took some pictures of Sword Impulse since it was so heavily neglected when I put the page up. It’s still kinda tough to work with since the blades are huge, but I did have a lot of fun playing around with it.

I wish I would have taken more pictures with the double Excalibur, but honestly it’s pretty tough to pose like that since the weapon is so oversized. The wrists aren’t the best in to world and sometimes you have to get a little creative with how you’re going to have the model hold the sword a certain way. Still, I’ve recently discovered I’m really fond of this guy.


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  1. #1 by Gundam Guy on January 25, 2010 - 00:45

    Another nicely painted kit. Man I really got to get my act together finishing my WIPs.

  2. #2 by lupes on January 25, 2010 - 00:59

    I agree good sir, you’ve got some seriously killer skills. Can’t wait to see that Astraea and 0 Gundam!

  3. #3 by Gaijin Gunpla on January 25, 2010 - 01:52

    http://i48.tinypic.com/33paidc.jpg is the money shot. It makes me want this kit! Good job.

  4. #4 by Busterbeam on January 25, 2010 - 04:19

    whats parts of the kit do you paint? i cant tell with the stock colours. damn that looks good but i know the joy this kit can bring. love the pics!

  5. #5 by lupes on January 25, 2010 - 04:26

    @Buster: painted the red parts metallic red, the black parts metallic black and then some gold and silver for some little parts. Nothing fancy, but I like red anyhow so I didn’t feel the need to tinker with the colors on this one.

    @GaiGun: For sure! I think you could work some real magic with this bad boy..and I’m always keeping an eye on your blog 😉 I’ll be watching it like a hawk after that comment though. Like you I was very surprised to see that the fellow over at tomopop felt the way he did, enough that I dropped him a line thanking him. Ofc, I didn’t feel the need to point out we’re scattered all over the world instead of being in Australia.

  6. #6 by chubbybots on January 25, 2010 - 11:47

    Posing the swords can be a huge problem for this kit. Other than that haha really love the metallic red 😀

    Seems like you and I have a liking for mechs with huge ass swords haha!

  7. #7 by keionfan on January 26, 2010 - 03:51

    The beam look very cool.

  8. #8 by divinelight on January 26, 2010 - 09:14

    uh, awesome as ever.
    impulse looks very cool.

    oh yeah, let’s exchange links. (I have added yours a long time ago though :P, because I love your Exia Noir)

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