PG Wing Zero Custom – Head

I might as well break these posts up to open up the chance for more discussion. For the record, pay no mind to how parts are already panel lined. Remember, I built this once and am going back to it to give it the proper PG treatment!

So, moving on from the frame (which still sits, unpainted) let’s take a minute here to talk about the armor parts and some of the mechanisms of the Zero.

First things first, the head. The only really noteworthy thing to mention here is the fact that a screw holds the halves together at the neck, making sure that nothing rattles around. The only thing I don’t like about this is how the v-fin is so square and blocky out of the box, so I took some high-grit sandpaper and sharpened it. The old part is on the bottom, with the new one being on the right. What’s the white residue on the eye piece on the old part still? Well, I kind of glued it in place when I gave up on wiring the head up the first time. Mad ups to GaiGun (Who could probably build a house out of all the ups I’ve given to him) for getting the replacement for me!

The lighting is kind of a pain to work with, though the head is certainly easier to deal with than the chest. You can see how the wires tough the edges of the LED and are secured in place via screws and then run down the neck and out the back, where they’ll go in to the torso and out of the back. Not much else to say about this aspect, it’s pretty cut and dry. The next post will discuss the torso, where theres plenty that I’ll get to rant about.


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  1. #1 by Tonzo on May 21, 2010 - 08:52

    The head was one of my fave parts of this kit. Great internal detail and so well designed. I sharpened my V fin to a needle point by first scraping it back with my blade and then c a r e f u l l y sanding over and over.

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