PG Wing Zero Custom – Torso

Okay, this area definitely has the most for me to talk about besides the wings. Despite not being that tough to put together, there are a lot of little nuances for this part. As such, there’s a good amount of pictures that we’ve got now.

First up is the entirety of the torso frame parts, though some of them are already assembled (like the shoulders). Here you can see the core of the chest is made up of die-cast parts, and how many screws are involved with the torso. One of my biggest annoyances with this kit stems from the way the waist assembly is handled since trying to find the right tightness for the screws can take a minute to find., as I’ve complained about it multiple times now.

Moving on, here’s the core of another big problem part of the kit. The LED setup is very similar to the head, though there is really no wiggle room whatsoever for the wires to fit in here. You’ve gotta jam them both in to the groove on the back end there, otherwise the parts won’t go together right. Add that in with making sure the screws/wires are making proper contact to the LED and you’ve got a really wonderful time on your hands. After that you’ve got to string the wires through the half-hole left in the top of the die-cast part once you get the other part to fit together. Not entirely irritating in itself, but it didn’t exactly fit in smoothly the first time I ran the wires around. After that, our man Heero Yuy (Who will remain unpainted, because I’m not buying paints that I’ll use only a tiny tiny bit for this and other pilots) goes on top of the die cast parts.

The shoulders screw in to the top of that, the diecast area having a screw in it to allow for this being secured in place. The outer armor isn’t anything special at all and is composed largely of big parts, especially the top blue part of the chest. Still, it comes together well and looks nice. The rubber red part for the bottom of the torso is annoying and will probably be annoying to paint and put on to the kit without said paint cracking and getting ruined, but I’m sure well find a good work around for that.

Also, I’ve started work on the PG Strike AND MG Wing, the torso for the former assembled and the whole frame put together for the latter (as well as plenty of pictures for both). Posts on both of those coming up soon!

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