MG Musha Mk II WiP 3 – …What? (and others!)

Well guys, we’ve started painting the armor parts! We’re a long way from being done still though, there’s a good amount of touch up work and the frame still left to do. You can even see how horrible priming the rifle went the first time!

Just like the Gundam Mk-II frame, the Musha Mk-II frame is just as poseable and outstanding. There are a few differences here and there on the legs, arms and torso but nothing that has any impact on the kit’s articulation.

Think you know what’s going on here? Maybe you should think again. The next update for this model will be to show off it’s completed form, so please keep your hands and feet inside the ride until then.

In other news, you know the PG Strike commission that I’ve been working on?

Base build: done, aside from a little fine tuning. I think I’m going to make the feet black instead of red and maybe adding some white to the torso. I’ve heard suggestions of unifying the red to all be the same color, but to be honest I’m kind of partial to the two tones of red like I am the two tones of white, it breaks the areas up a little bit. Still not done with the weapons, Aile pack, or decals. Hopefully within the month I’ll be getting that stuff so I can get back to work on this little diddy. I really like how it’s turning out so far, as does the person it’s for.

I also picked up this little guy at Colossalcon9 on a whim and built it in the same night. I love this little bugger and you can bet I’ll be giving him a hell of a paintjob and two more buddies to pose with once I’m a little more free up on my time and money. I highly recommend this thing though.

A friend of mine finished his first MG after a rather harsh run-in with the old Gouf Custom MG, and the end result was much better this time around. We’ve got big things planned for this, but for now it’s a good first project. But we’ll end on something that’s bound to be good for a laugh or two…

All glory to the ReZELtank!


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  1. #1 by chubbybots on June 12, 2010 - 09:28

    Haha Rezel tank! I loved the rezel kit…very fantastic 1/144 kit to have. Looks like you are having a ball of a time doing all those projects!

  2. #2 by Gundam Guy on June 17, 2010 - 00:24

    I love your wooden work table.

    Btw, what do you have in mind for the Musha Mk-II? Custom paint or just original paint scheme?

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