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Perfect Grade Strike Freedom – REVEALED!

I’ve been waiting for a picture of this thing for a loooong time, much like anyone interested in this thing. I don’t need to go in to a big spiel about it (You can read Busterbeam’s posts on it instead, he and I have the same outlook anyway), but these pictures have me officially sold on this big glorious bastard.

Looking good! You can see everything here care of Gundam Guy!


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Hey, check it out. My box from HobbyLink Japan made it to my house yesterday and I’m trying to to waste too much time getting down to work. Unfortunately, some parts are stalling hardcore thanks it being kind of touch to come up with your own design!

Pretty sure this is how I’m going to attach the cloak on the final version, though it’ll fit much better once I start cutting. I was just playing around with ideas at this point.

I got these fitted with no problems whatsoever though! Special shout out to Gundam Guy for helping me pick thrusters out.

What on earth am I planning with this…?

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S.H. Figuarts photodump

Someday I’ll get around to doing reviews of these, but as you’re about to see my collection when from three to a lot awfully fast. These have been awesome for playing around with lighting and the like though!

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Dethsupplies: Part Two

I promise the next ‘Dethsupplies’ post will have considerably more stuff in it! The first few items were rather isolated in where they were coming from, you see. With as long as some of the supplies are taking to get here, I’m going to really have to bunker down on this if I want to finish it by the 31st of this month. Also, apologies about the sheer amount of empty space in this picture!

Luckily, the missing part from my Blade Liger kit has resurfaced (It flew in to my tool box which I recently cleaned out, leading to the discovery of the part) and I’ve started- still agonizingly slow- painting in the details on the parts that I have done. The Assault Boosters are still a trainwreck with that seamline on top of it, though. Luckily, I have putty to fix that problem now! Hopefully I can get back to this soon.

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Dethsupplies: Part One

Expect a few of these over the next few days as stuff comes in for my Deathscythe project.

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