Moving along.

On an impulse (and because I’m a sucker for sales), I’ve wound up building the MG V-Dash alongside my MG ReZEL. I have to say that this kit has proven to be amazing so far, then again I haven’t actually built much of the Gundam. I’m enjoying it every step of the way, along with the ReZEL (which I already have the frame finished for and am now trying to find time to do my painting and aftermarket part fitting).

Half finished core booster and skirts

The rest of the parts prepped for painting

So far the airbrushing process has been going smoothly aside from a few hiccups, which are as follows:

Too high PSI (30!!) Corrected down to 8-10 PSI thanks to Sonar.

Spiderwebbing (fixed: thin more) Pooling/splattering (fixed: thin less)- Both of these were when I was trying to figure out how to mix the paint before I realized for mixing larger batches I could use those little cups that come with medicine to keep extra paint at the ready and have more than enough to prime a whole kit. Mr. Color paint bottles are only 10mL and don’t last nearly as long as I’d like (something that probably has to do with mixing batches too large at first) but overall it’s still more efficient than using spraycans. I get the feeling I’ll wrap this up before ReZEL, but only because ReZEL will get more intensive than this (plus I started this first).

ReZEL hasn’t been without it’s own follies, care of my own clumsiness. I had a few parts from my airbrush soaking in thinner to get the paint off…knocked it over and it got on one of the leg parts. SURPRISE, they crumbled in no time. Luckily they were all clean breaks and I’ve superglued them all back together (Should have taken pics, but as soon as they broke I went in to the zone to fix them) and I’m pleased to say that I’ve fixed everything without losing any mobility in the legs. I’m going to have to start working on things in the morning thanks to daylight savings, so maybe things will start moving along faster on this.

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  1. #1 by Busterbeam on November 17, 2010 - 00:21

    you primed the frame? intending to paint it?

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