WiP – PG Strike Freedom breakdown

Let’s see if I actually manage to finish this one [I’m excusing my missed ReZEL deadline to do the aftermarket parts still not being here…]. Nothing fancy really, just a wing reinforcement and a hopefully much more clean Hi-Nu inspired color scheme, which means I’ll be solving the frame coloration problem by painting the whole thing Alclad II chrome with touches of metallic green for the parts that reveal when you slide the armor around on the legs, shoulders and the DRAGOON system on the back.

Started with the hands which reminded me of the PG Wing Zero hands…but it’s been an awfully long time since I worked on that so they might actually be quite different from these. Regardless, I did manage to screw up and put the tip of the pinky finger on wrong at first so it is a bit loose after getting it off and putting it back on…but oh well. Certainly the smallest mistake I’ve ever made. Most of the bronze-ish gold parts have undergates but obviously there’s nowhere to implement this on the fingers which means paint will definitely need to be happening here, which I had planned on anyway.

The chest, like the other SEED PGs I’ve done, is composed of a center block and two halves that attach to it. Compared to the PG Red Frame and Strike Strike Freedom has a much more chunky chest, and the shoulder pegs don’t really have much room to move along the x-axis period. We’ll see how this impacts the model once I get everything together and start fiddling with it. The torso does have some nice forward and backward motion to it though. I’ve noticed by now that the joints of this kind sort of ‘ratchet’ around the chest, ankles and knees to support the absolutely massive backpack this thing sports.

As always the legs are the most time consuming part of the build process. There’s a really odd mixture of the frame parts here, the main knee part and kneecap being the plated gold but the rest of it being the dull gold. It doesn’t show much, but it still looks pretty halfassed to me. It’ll be nice once I have all of those painted chrome and the frame looks unified.

I suck and forgot to take pictures of the arms and waist parts, but the only really unique thing here is the way the waist is built to allow for the rail cannons to slide back and sit over the rear skirts (even though they never will to make sure I don’t scratch any potential paint).

The completed frame (I hate to use the same picture, but oh well) stands a little bit taller than the PG Red Frame since it was done by Katoki and has thusly inherited the long-legged look of other things he’s worked on (which I’m fine with). After examining the kit and putting armor on half the kit, I’ve gotten everything broken down to be painted as soon as I manage to find a point in time where I can sit down and spend a good chunk of time painting the frame. I’ll also be prepping certain armor parts for painting since they’ll be getting the alclad ii chrome -> clear blue treatment for a nice candy color that should really pop off the model akin to the Blue Berserker. I have plans for the DRAGOONS too, I want to them really outstanding since they’re the main draw of this model but more on those once I get the rest of the kit put together and have time to sit down and work on those things.

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  1. #1 by Tom on March 4, 2011 - 08:10

    You live in the states right lupes? How much are these Alclads? I’ve heard they’re really, really good.

  2. #2 by lupes on March 4, 2011 - 11:08

    I buy my Alclad stuff online via http://www.spruebrothers.com/. The prices are kind of paintful (7.99 for a bottle of 1oz chrome/other colors) but they’re a reliable place to buy from and given they’re the only place I’ve found to order from stateside they’ve become my default choice for Alclad stuff. Hobbywave is still my go-to for standard Mr. Color paints, just have to buy in bulk due to the flat shipping.

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