The gauntlet.

Almost two years ago fellow Gunplars Rob, Busterbeam, Gajin Gunpla and I came together at the former GAF forums (the Evilcow version of the site has since died, though GAF lives on in a new home) for the now legendary Sinanju Group Build project. Each of us managed to come out of the project with something amazing and something that we’re all proud of still today.

So how do we top that?

Busterbeam had a pretty good idea. We’ve all got the PG SF and We’ve all got it at least put together so why not try to cultivate the same competitive spirit and get something like the SGB going again? We all fed off of each other’s ideas and work before and it did and excellent job motivating us. It’s definitely something I need now that I’m so close to the end where I have a lot of monotony ahead of me with the dragoons and rifles (I’ve always had a hard time focusing and wanting to work when I just know I’ve got to do the same thing 8 times). We’ve got a deadline of September 4th for finishing our kits, and you can view the thread over at GAF by clicking here! Considering it took about 4 months or so to finish up Sinanju, I’m expecting this one to take slightly less time since I already have the majority of the work done on this! You can see the thread here and I suggest keeping an eye on it since that’s the easiest place to watch for quick little updates on our respective kits.

Here’s a collection of PG SF WiPs thusfar:
Frame breakdown
Frame chromed
Whites in place
Main body complete
Wing frame complete

Now let’s see this through to the end! I’ve got the wing edges sanded down and prepared for repainting (thanks a lot, fuzzies) and the dragoon parts all clipped out and ready to go.


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  1. #1 by Rosalind on April 17, 2012 - 23:48

    i just found ur blog, n its very helpful. but im not sure if i’ll be able to spot any replies from u, cus im not blog friendly. but if u do reply, pls sent it to my email. or do u hav a facebook? i cud just add u n talk there.

    i was wondering, do u have to clean off the original (from the box) colours from the models b4 spraying another diff colour onto it? i find ur blue sinanju very clean n its better than getting a titanium coated. will the paint comes off easily after u had sprayed them? or u did sprayed another layer of transparent glue coating?

    actually hav alot more questions to ask, but dunt know if u’ll see this comment.

    anyway, thanks for blogging these topics up.

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