I have to say, going with the Freedom frame was a good choice. A lot of the regular armor looks like it will work quite well with the kit, though I’ll need to do some fiddling with more of the frame thanks to Freedom’s protruding elbow part as well as the knee in general. Due to Freedom being taller (18m over Deathscythe’s 16m) a few areas like the cloak and skirts will need lengthened to make it look proper, but I think I’ve got those two areas figured out. However, the back of the ankles and area where the cloak attaches to the shoulders are still areas I haven’t figured out yet. Looks like I’ll ne needing some pla-plate of reasonable thickness for these extensions.

PG Strike Freedom’s replacement parts will be here soon and then it’s back to work on the big bastard. GaiGun is catching up to me, so I really need to sit down and get cracking on the home stretch!


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  1. #1 by Sonar on August 9, 2011 - 06:36

    Bold vision. Go forth and conquer, as Lacquerus watches over..

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