Combo is continuing.

More work done. While the knee doesn’t close all the way is as, I plan on sanding down the LED’s bulb some once it goes in to final assembly to ensure that it closes properly since it’s the peg where the B2 and B4 parts come together cause the Knee to not slide back the rest of the way. To facilitate keeping the transformation intact for this area I sanded down the back edge of the green areas (the red line) and the top of the K22 part (yellow line). I also sanded away a fair amount of space on the inside of the B2 and B4 parts to make sure that sliding the part up and down didn’t damage the wires. The wire will be run up through the frame and joined with the wires from the thigh LEDs. From there they’ll go up the back of the back of the model (wires hidden by the rear skirts) and joined with the other wires in the center of the chest. For now I plan on making it so there are only two wires+batteries inside the cockpit, so I’ll have to merge everything elsewhere on the kit, hopefully in the space that opens up just above the Unicorn’s waist when in destroy mode.


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