Full LED Jacket.

The chest took a good deal of work and a good deal more LEDs than I originally thought it would too.

Starting with A13, here’s where I carved out space to make room for the cockpit LEDs. While I originally intended for one to do the job it turns out that doing it that way doesn’t give a nice even glow around the cockpit so I had to put one in on the right side of it as well. This picture is before I cut out the second one so you can see it in comparison to the unmodified side.

The completed cockpit part has enough room for two of the 1.8mm LEDs and their wires without getting in the way of the seat or other armor parts. The wires are thin enough that you can just run them around the back (where the grey M3 part attaches) and get no interference.

I thought that I’d just be able to stick the LEDs in to the space on the I13 part but things didn’t play out that way, as usual. With the LEDs there without modifying the parts the A20/A21 parts don’t fit correctly so something had to be done.

Commence some serious part destruction. Luckily everything that was cut away here was completely and totally superfluous so in the end there wasn’t anything notable touched. The LEDs and A20/A21 parts now mesh wonderfully.

For the wires to go anywhere though, the I14 and I15 parts had to have a little plastic cut off. This part was fairly simple to do even though getting the knife in there was a pain in the ass until I got some of the plastic cut away.

End result. If you can see the other LED set back there, it’s for the LEDs that will go higher up on the chest so the rest of it will light up. Additionally there will be two more LEDs that go in the lower section of the torso so the M2 part has proper lighting but as far as I can tell putting the LEDs there will require no extra work.


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  1. #1 by BlazeEagle on April 2, 2012 - 09:54

    It’ll be interesting to see the finished result of your mod.

  2. #2 by Sonar on May 2, 2012 - 17:59

    Y U NO CHANGE TAG LINE FOR AGES?!?! (@#%@)//

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