Next up.

Dusted off this little number when I wanted to do something simple but (from what I can tell) no one else has done. Traditionalists will really dig this one.

I’ll say it right now- this kit being the first RG shows. I’m generally a very good about not breaking parts, but I did manage to snap the same leg joint that everyone else did when they built this kit (and had no such issue with the Zaku real grade…oh yeah I should probably finish that) but it wasn’t anything a little extra thin cement couldn’t fix.

As you can see, I’ve done a few light mods to the kit like removing the head and mouth vents, as well as chopping off the middle area of the chest vents. I want to make this resemble the Zeta Gundam a bit more, so there are still a few more little things I have in mind for this to really give it it’s one distinct look. Even better is that it should be done fairly soon!


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