Helping a friend.

Once upon a time, I stumbled across Martin Wandering’s blog which eventually led to a rekindling of my gunpla hobby and thus played a large part in everything you’re looking at here.

One of his most impressive projects has been recreating the four Wolfgar Zaku IIs from the old SNES Gundam Cross Dimension 0080 game, a feat which he’s done in a very exquisite manner. All that’s left to complete the set is one RX-78XX Pixie Gundam, but the B-Club conversion kit for it came out long ago and is very hard to find nowadays. However, Hobbyfan is offering a recast of the kit with only 3 more orders needed before the kit will be produced and Martin can get to work on finishing something that’s been in the works for a very long time. He’s also throwing in a 5$ voucher for GGInfinite, and I’ll send another 5$ via paypal criteria he has – be the first to send me a screenshot of the order confirmation from Hobbyfan and the voucher is yours. You can find my e-mail on the commissions page.

In other news, Wing Zero Custom is back on the worktable and I have one wing all wired up and ready to go, I just need to solder the wires to the switch and run it down to the backpack. The other wing is almost done, with the wires just needed to be stripped and tinned together to ensure the connection is always nice and solid. I’ll have pictures shortly, but for now the finished wing’s wiring looks like hell (like Sonar has said- I’m not known for my finesse) but the second one is considerably cleaner.

The RG’s photoshoot is underway, but I’m taking my sweet time getting it done because I want to make sure all the pictures turn out just right. It doesn’t help how fragile the kit is as I’ve got to be very careful with that leg part that broke since I don’t want to make it worse. In any case, it should have a page shortly.


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  1. #1 by Martin Wandering on June 11, 2012 - 17:56

    There’s also the small matter of the Efreet, but of course that’s another story.

    In any case, many thanks for stepping up to give me a boost. I owe you one.

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