Second shift.

Has cut in to my gunpla time quite severely. But I’m still hard at work on the Zakus and prepping the Astray for work after I reach a certain point on these (mainly when I paint the whites for the heated weapons like the heat hawks, heat saber and heat whips).

The right arm is unarmored because the parts will be getting swapped out with Gouf parts for a second heat whip on that arm. It’ll also be rocking two heat hawks, mounted to the waist hardpoints so it’s always got a melee weapon at the ready for any situation. Usually the second to arrive on the battlefield and hardest to keep track of due to the speed of the unit combined with smoke and projectile cover, this Zaku shares Treize Khushrenada’s thoughts on how to face your foe: no projectiles.

What our J-Type friend lacks in destructive firepower, he makes up for in the ability to lay down a lot of fire for the other two units. Not pictured is the Bazooka, because even he wants to make things go boom sometimes.

But someone else is really in charge of the explosions in this group. Designed to inflict a crippling first strike against enemies and provide smoke cover for teammates with the blasts’ dusty aftermath. Not to mention it’s hard to organize a retaliatory force when things are blowing up every few seconds because your base was mined when you weren’t paying attention.

Overall I think the three units look really good together and will only look even better once I put the markings on them and seal everything up. Since these are commission builds they won’t be staying with me but I can definitely say that this has given me a lot of ideas that I will carry over to anotherlittle project that I’ve been brainstorming with Martin.

How’s this for dedication to a project, eh? I never paint these little bastards but I think going the extra mile is what commissions are all about.

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