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Coming in hot.

Also incoming: the completed Zaku II squad. Sinanju has a few more parts before I start the decal hell on it, it’s a commission that I’ve only been working on for two days right now. The final finish will be flat but as well all know loss coats are important for doing work with waterslides. The Astray is awaiting Alclad II paint to arrive so I can finish the Tactical arms. The Asrtaea has one little bit left to attach to it to give it the full 7 Sword loadout that Exia lineage suits ought to have.

The Zaku IIs are finished, I just need to get them out of the box and snap a few pictures. Working third shift at work now means I spend a lot of the daytime sleeping however.

‘Til next time!


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Sure, I’ll build another Astray.

Still working on a few areas- but more on this kit in a bit.

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It’s here!

Photoshoot is done, I’d say the page for this will be up tonight. 2 or the 3 Zaku IIs are flatcoated as well so that will be up hopefully before the end of the month. The Joys of working 12 hour days 5 days in a row…

EDITED: The page is live now!

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