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Page up! Next up is the PG Strike Gundam which only has the arm armor and weapons left to paint. I still need to get a PG Skygrasper for Strike as well…


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PG Wing Zero Custom – Done

Photoshoot coming soon.

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What I’ve been up to + Gunpla Expo World Tour 2012

I’ve been plugging away at kits, I just haven’t had much motivation to update thanks to third shift taking away a lot of my time during the day.

One of the big ones I’ve been working on is a Sinanju commission, which has proven to be just as much an undertaking as when I built my own almost two years ago. I’m waiting on a few parts that got missed to arrive from Gentei Kits (who have always provided excellent service!), and then this bad boy will be wrapped up after I decal the rifle and shield. I finished a lot of the larger sections of the kit like the trim and majority of the decals very quickly but in doing so managed to burn myself out pretty hard on working on the kit.

The other major thing I’ve done is changed PG Wing Zero Custom’s power source to USB. Battery power just wasn’t cutting it for giving all of the LEDs the power they need to glow properly. While it’s not as subtle now I much prefer the way it looks running off of USB and now that I’m in the process of putting the body together for the final time I will take plenty of pictures of the wiring to show folks the process I used to make it run off of this power source.

This model is a testbed for something else and I’ll leave you guys to wonder what…

And since here has been SO MUCH good stuff I figure I’ll go through some of those too! First up is the HGUC Ez8 and while it’s not a new MG kit, I’m really glad that one of the mobile suits that got me in to Gundam is getting a new kit. Guess this means I should consider getting the Gouf Custom HGUC to go with it, right? I wonder if we’re going to see an updated RX-79[G] as a result of this as well?

Oh. Apparently these are all potential RG releases?! I was never big on the Z’gok or GM, but I have high hopes that a Gouf RG would share a frame with a Zaku RG and I could get away with swapping some parts around on the two of them. RG RX-79[G] is a much better thing than a new High Grade so I really hope these are actual upcoming releases.

Of course, with upcoming RG releases they also showed off the next RG and once again despite not having seen SEED Destiny at all I have to say this is tempting. Some say the Destiny’s design isn’t all that appealing and while I can see why they would say that, something about it appeals to me. This kit doesn’t come out til spring 2013, so I have plenty of time to break through more of my backlog so I can get this when it comes out.

Just when I had been planning on building an HGUC Jesta squad, this goes and gets announced. From a cost standpoint it’s going to totally suck to buy 3-4 of them but the Jesta is such a good looking kit that overall I really don’t mind it- plus since it’s a grunt suit I expect it to be on the somewhat cheaper side of things. Also, on the HGUC side of things we’re also getting a Jesta cannon! Glad to see one of my favorite grunt suits get some love…can we have a GM Quel 2.0 now?

I think we all saw this coming with all of the new SEED kits coming out and I’m okay with that since this remastered version looks really good. It’s managed to motivate me to crack open the PG Strike I’ve had sitting in the box for awhile now and try to grind that out. Since the PG is for a friend though I think it’s safe to say I’ll probably brainstorm some other ideas and implement them on this kit.

While I have no love for Gundam AGE, AGE-3 and AGE-FX are two designs that I actually like from the show (especially AGE-3 Fortress) so these are actually something I might consider getting. I have no major ideas for them at the moment though.

I don’t think anyone saw this MG coming- it’s a total left field release but it’s one that I’m really glad about. I didn’t expect that the Sinanju Stein would get a High Grade release, let alone a Master Grade (and it comes out during the month of my birthday, to boot!). I’m sure that it will be just as outstanding as the MG Sinanju since it’ll likely share the same frame. Can’t wait to see more of this kit as it’s release nears.

And of course, the big one that everyone has been talking about since it’s announcement is Nu Ver. Ka and this thing is definitely a day one purchase for me with big plans. It’s no secret how much I love Katoki desgins and Bandai has really gone the extra mile with this kit in terms of what it’s packing. By now everyone already knows the skinny on this thing (aside from whatever secret thing they’ve yet to reveal- or was that the double funnel set they’re releasing in January?) so I’m not going to waste time with a boring recap of it. My plan of attack for this thing is already set and in place and it’s just a matter waiting now. More on that, once again, as the kit’s release nears. All in all this is going to be an excellent year for gunpla, and hopefully before this deluge of awesome kits come out I can get through more of my backlog and wrap up a few of the bigger builds so I can properly focus on these excellent new releases.

(All images care of Gundam Guy’s blog)

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