I would…

Re=do all of the pinks just because I found a better shade. I like this color MUCH more than the “it-kind-of-grows-on-you-but-is-really-in-your-face” fluorescent magenta I had previously used. Now I can really say this thing is done until February when the double funnel expansion set gets here. Pictures to come soon! As you can see, I also used Gaijin-Gunpla’s Fin Funnel fix (using 1mm brass rods which you can purchase here and now they don’t flop over or fall apart when left up on the funnel rack.

So what am I working on now that the Nu is pretty much wrapped up?

Oh. Yes.

Even more ‘oh yes’. It only took me 3+ years of building but if you keep parts in bags after you cut them off the trees you don’t lose the god damn things constantly.

With only a few red areas left to prime and paint on this Zeta (The cockpit hatch and wing tips), I’m going to get to working on painting the blue areas on the second Zeta. If you haven’t noticed by now, they’ll be rocking a nice modified Zeta Plus colorscheme and I really can’t wait to finish them both up because they’re going to look stellar together. With any luck it won’t take much longer before they’re done, as I’m generally flying through the painting/building process for these.


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