RG Karaba Zeta Gundam – First Look!

I know that a lot of people have been curious about this kit and while I mentioned some things about it in the last post, I wanted to make a quick update before work with some actual pictures of what makes this kit so special.

The box itself is much larger than the standard Zeta Gundam box due to the fact that there are 5 extra runners involved with this kit.

Three of the I and E runners in gray, pink and white and two of the A runners with different coloration. Bandai really wanted to make sure this thing looked as good as possible out of box! I did some looking and if you could get your hands on another frame runner, two d runners and the runner that has the white armor parts you could build an entire extra RG Zeta Gundam and then some with what you won’t be using…but the cost of ordering those parts would likely run you more than the cost of just buying another RG Zeta.

This is a big one. When the promo shots for the Karaba Zeta came out there was an error on the leg sticker- “Karab”. People (myself included) were pretty annoyed that such a blatant typo could make it through Bandai’s QA and actually make it all the way to production again (phase shit armor, oops) but I’m pleased to report that the issue isn’t present on the kit after all! This is a huge plus and makes me really happy.

Given that my attention is focused pretty hard on the Stein right now it’s hard to say when I’m going to get to building this but it WILL be my next build and while it’s getting painted in stock colors you can be sure that I’ll be using every little sticker and bringing out every detail I can to make it a really impressive build.

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