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I’ve created a monster.

The Stein is entering it’s final stages of construction. All of the weapons are built and painted save for the funnels and since the parts for those shipped this morning you can bet that those will be completed soon.

First up, the Armed Armor DE is finished. It took a little bit of work to make it so I was happy with it but the results are well worth it. I should also note that those two pictures are before I touched up the gray vents, there’s no white showing now. The gold may seem like a strange choice right now but I plan on taking a page from Busterbeam’s book and making a backstory for the build that explains how it came to be and why those parts are gold.

With the shoulder mounted weapons finished, we’re quickly approaching the “Decal Hell” stage of the build. The top half of the mobile suit is done but there’s still along ways to go on the legs and weapons. Still, this kit has come together really well and I’m pretty proud of how it’s turning out. Syd has been busy with the OVA Sinanju and Type-C ReZEL but I suspect we’ll see more of the Tallstein (or is it Steingeese?) soon!


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