Weather the storm.

Fellow blogger Gundam Beginner recently surpassed 100,000 hits on his very excellent blog and to celebrate he’s having a contest! I am going to copy and paste the details directly from his site since yours truly has been asked to judge! It’s taken me a little bit to get to making this post because I’m been very busy with work and trying to get this furnished at my new place which means gunpla has taken a bit of a back seat to those boring adult/real life matters.

In the interest of saving time I’m going to copy and paste the rules from GB’s blog and hope the formatting sticks:

Gunpla Weathering Contest 1.0! (GWC1.0)


1. A follower of Gundam Beginner’s blog/ Facebook page.
2. Bandai Gunpla model kits – Any range e.g. NG / SD / HG / MG / RG / PG
  • Resin conversions for Bandai Gunpla kits are allowed.
  • Full resin kits are not allowed.
  • Modifications are allowed.
  • Painting is not a must.
  • Waterslides decals are allowed.


3. Every entry must send an email with a photo of the kit (or new parts in box) with a handwritten paper of date, name(or nickname of FB so I may blog your entries and WIPs in my blog) and GWC1.0 on it, by 27th May 2013 *updated
  • Email to with “GWC1.0 entry” email title.
  • Kits can be snap fitted but no changes maybe done in the photo.
  • Resin conversions can be cleaned, sanded, etc. but not started with any paints.
  • Entry photos are used to verify that the project was not started before this blog post is posted.
  • If in any doubt, send the photo with “GWC1.0 enquiry” email title.
  • on 28th May 2013, successful entries will be blogged here.
4. Entry kits must be a weathered kit: (you only need to achieve one)
  • Seasoned or otherwise affected by exposure to the weather.
  • Battle damaged
  • Dioramas
5. Contest will run until 12th July 2013. Winners will be nominated 19th July 2013. *update
  • You can enter more than one kit.
6. For dioramas builders,
  • Base, scenes are not within judging criteria.
  • Each kits are counted as separate entries, Rule no.3 applies, enter contest separately.
7. Please do email me at least 3 WIPs photos(with or without descriptions) during contest period so I can blog it. Let us know what you are doing! *update

8. Have Fun!


Judging Criteria:

Each criteria weighs 20% and adds up to 100% in total
  1. Nub removal
  2. Seam line treatment
  3. Weathering scale awareness (remember your model’s scale)
  4. Weatheirng techniques
  5. Overall appeal




1st – MG Jesta
2nd – RG Destiny
3rd – HG FA Unicorn
Lupe’s pick – HG Banshee Norn.
(prizes are proudly sponsored by Syd, Lupes)
*includes shipping to worldwide; but not tax.*

Of course at this point entry is now closed and a lot of the builders have submitted WIP pictures of their weathered builds. Luckily, GB is doing an excellent job keeping track of everyone’s progress and you can see all of the entries as well as get links to their blogs to watch how things come together by checking out this post. Good luck to everyone entering! I’ve got my eye on a few builders whom I have some high expectations for.

As for my own gunpla stuff, I’ve been back at the grind at work and really making sure that I can get enough sleep so I’m not wandering around in an exhausted haze but I have managed to get some more work done on at least one MG Jesta-

There is still a long way to go with this. The AA BS has a spot of empty space that I need to fill in behind it but aside from that it worked out very well (it even swings over the hand without any trouble!) whereas the VN is still a total toss up. I’ve adjusted the angle they’re at since taking these pictures and it makes them look a little more natural but given the way they’re mounted here versus how they mount to the banshee is causing a lot of issues. As it stands (I may just ditch the beam saber on this Jesta and give it the carbine ammo arm from one of the other 4 to fix this) I can’t mount the VN any other way without losing access to the beam saber which for now I’d like to try to keep. It also doesn’t help the bulk of the VN kind of messes with the suit’s silhouette since that arm has to be out farther to accommodate the weapon. Who knows, I ‘ll figure something out. I have been lucky so far in matters like that so I assume the trend will continue. THe frame for Jesta #2 has been built as well and I’ve started to plan out how I’m going to stick the gear it has on it (six beam gatling guns and two shields), while Jestas three and four have just arrived and are currently sitting in their boxes untouched.

I’ve also gone through and done some prepping on other projects, mainly cutting parts out and getting them in their baggies before painting. So far I’ve organized the parts on the Full Armor Unicorn and started cutting things out on the OVA Unicorn, as well as the RG Desinty that I won from HLJ for the Nu ver. Ka group build. When I -do- finally manage to get free time and have the energy to get to work on these things you can bet that things will come together pretty quickly. While the Jestas and Unicorns are pretty involved builds the Destiny is just going to be something nice and simple. I’ll be sure to be on the way with pictures of the RG Destiny soon (it’s really looking like a great kit- I can’t wait to get my wings of light in for it!) since it’s such a short build so keep your eyes peeled for updates with that.


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