PG Perfectibility wrap up

So, first build post-reviving the blog is pretty much in the books. Painted the psychoframe parts for the Javelin last night and put it together, so it’s just the beam effect parts left to paint. Goodguydan’s HGUC Perfecibility certainly gives me some ideas for how to tackle painting them.

Let’s chat!

The PG Unicorn is overall, a pretty solid kit. The fact that I’ve been messing with this one for 4 years and it still holds a pose is a testament to that. It’s not without it’s weaknesses though; the part where the upper arms plug in to the shoulders is ass, especially when the arms have any weight on them.

It feels like they rely on their weight to pull them against the shoulder part and that stops them from falling out/off. I’m always trying to make sure these things aren’t about to fall out and dangle from the LED wire for a few hours.

The re-purposed Wing Zero Custom backpack connector….works. It’s still too much weight for one peg to bear and while I was in the process of moving the kit to a shelf the left shield’s peg totally snapped.

I just superglued it in place but it’s still a little too heavy and the arm holding it tends to sag plus I can’t take it off for silly poses now either. At some point I think I’d like to go back and refit them with steel rods at the connection points to make sure that I won’t have issues in the future. I guess I’ll never be “done” with this kit.

The stand (as is standard PG fare) is worthless. Just pose the kit standing there because you’re not getting much of an aerial pose out of this thing. Other issues I have with my kit are 300% my own fault.

Back in 2015 I got annoyed with the shoulders and arms not being able hold up the beam magnum and shield with the gatlings so I took some superglue and tried to tighten those joints up.

It didn’t work very well. Someday I’d like to turn the Banshee in to a Banshee Perfectibility which would entail getting another PG Banshee kit for the Armed Armor XC parts. If I do go that route, I’ll have a nice stock of replacement parts to repair those sections. They could really use it as the Armed Armor BS adds a fair amount of weight to the right arm and the left arm just doesn’t plug in very securely any more.

I noticed that while taking pictures for destroy mode, one of the parts for the kit fell down from it’s ‘unchained mode’ position and it’s in all of the pictures so I can see myself retaking a number of them, especially now that the Javelin can be present too.

I’m largely happy with how the kit turned out. By and large I can only smile when I look at this hulking monument to plastic waste even with it’s missing part and scratches to the paint. It was a fun, fulfilling build to put together and has me feeling very excited about trying to improve more at this hobby.

And now that I’m done with that kit, it frees me up to focus on my other project:

I’m pretty happy with this one so far too. 🙂

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