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Let there be light! The transforming Unicorn/Banshee Gundam project WIP 1

To those of you who have been following this blog for a time may recall the LED Full Armor Unicorn project I had been working on, which hit some snags and then fizzled out as I lost interest in working on it since I had to do a lot of rework when it came to the whites and light bleeding through the armor. I also stalled on a few other areas of the model and all in all the build stopped being fun so I shelved it.

Enter a re-release of one of the limited kits that I missed out on last year alongside’s playing with plamo contest. While the rules state that WIPs must be posted to the hobbylink website between time constraints and other things I’ve decided to forego entering the contest so I can share the WIP here. While I feel like this build did have to potential to at least place I just can’t justify rushing it to beat the deadline and my life is currently just too busy for me to focus entirely on this both time-wise and monetarily. I also worked on the Full Armor Unicorn alongside the Banshee since there were both areas that needed to be reworked and as the Banshee was for a contest, I wanted to use the Full Armor as a testbed for everything before I did it to the Banshee. Luckily I have fairly good intuition and while I only bumped in to something that didn’t work a few times I managed to come up with a solution pretty easily. The extra nice thing is that since all the Unicorn Gundam kits share the same frame doing this project multiple times for a truly impressive display piece won’t be too complicated now that the majority of the groundwork is handily solved.

Modifying the chest definitely required some of the most bold cutting since it’s the core of the kit and also has a lot of parts that move around on it and in general the way everything comes together means teh LED fit is going to be tight…but I managed to solve everything which was a big step over the Full Armor’s progress as I previously couldn’t find a way to get the lights under the A25 parts that fold up in Destroy mode. Unfortunately I have yet to take test pictures of the Banshee’s torso all lit up because I don’t have enough small chip LEDs anymore. I’ve been using the same few that I could find from the Unicorn build over and over while testing everything and because the wires on those particular LEDs are very thin I’ve had the majority of them break on me because they’ve been worked around so much. This does make me slightly concerned for when I have the entire kit together but it comes with the territory and most of the lights won’t be moving near the points where the wires connect to the light or will have some extra room to wiggle to hopefully prevent this. The one big mod to the chest area that isn’t done yet (because I need to order the part still) is the installation of a micro USB terminal (for power purposes) in the upper/lower area on the back of the chest near the M2/M3 part. I’ll have to cut out plastic on one of those parts as well as do a pair amount of destructive work to the psychoframe part underneath as well as make sure the terminal is properly sealed to prevent light from bleeding out of the space that I cut out for it.

Work here was fairly cut and dry and I opted to go with 4 LEDs to hopefully make the light across the part more even, which I think I managed to pull off. One thing that I really like about working on the Banshee versus the Full Armor is that the color of the Banshee makes LED work very easy since light bleedthrough is almost totally nonexistent. I will probably need to cut out some space where the shoulder connects to the main body for the wires to travel though but the goal is to join the LEDs from the arm and shoulders in to one set of wires and then run the two to the main nest in the chest to make sure there isn’t a lot of clutter caused by redundant wires running from the same area to the same place. In general the lights are a bit on the bright side right now but I find that primarily to be due to how it’s running 2-4 LEDs off of 3V whereas the final kit will be running somewhere in the range of 50-65 off of 5V (the max power USB will allow by default). This worked fairly well for my PG Wing Zero Custom (another project I intend to revisit…again) with it’s 25-30 LEDs so there shouldn’t be much problem here. I’ll be putting a little putty over where the lights sit to both hold them in place and so I can paint over them to properly hide them when someone is looking at the kit.

The arms posed a unique problem due to the way that everything comes together. All the parts here stack on top of each other and originally I had only done the first modification picture but realized before long that the LED was just a little too big to put the psychoframe part over without finding a way to make more room for it. Cutting the notch out of the J19 part was damn nerve-wrecking due to how little the margin for error is there but with a lot of patience everything turned out fine. When this area goes together for the final time the wires for the LEDs here (one in the front and one in the back) will go up through the J13/J15 area and up to the shoulder wires, where they’ll all run together and then go out to the chest.

The entirety of the frame is cut out, put together and ready for LED and all of the armor parts are painted except for the gold sections on the head and chest because I need to get some of teh Gaiacolor Star Bright Gold to use for them as Alclad II’s titanium gold just isn’t panning out. This is a good stopping point for now as it covers the majority of the work that had to be done to the upper body though. There are three areas on the legs left to figure out (the lowest section of the leg, the thruster area on the back of the leg and the foot) and there’s also the matter of the back of the waist but so far I haven’t even glanced at how I’m going to do that despite figuring out the rest of the waist. Another update with the rest of the work done so far will be coming soon and with any luck I’ll be plugging away on this more and more even if it’s just getting the Katoki decal hell stage out of the way which I’ll have to do before assembly as I want to flat coat the armor parts. I usually wait until the model is all together to flat coat things but due to the way this kit is being built I’ll have to have everything coated and sealed up before I go to put the armor over everything at the end.


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Combo is continuing.

More work done. While the knee doesn’t close all the way is as, I plan on sanding down the LED’s bulb some once it goes in to final assembly to ensure that it closes properly since it’s the peg where the B2 and B4 parts come together cause the Knee to not slide back the rest of the way. To facilitate keeping the transformation intact for this area I sanded down the back edge of the green areas (the red line) and the top of the K22 part (yellow line). I also sanded away a fair amount of space on the inside of the B2 and B4 parts to make sure that sliding the part up and down didn’t damage the wires. The wire will be run up through the frame and joined with the wires from the thigh LEDs. From there they’ll go up the back of the back of the model (wires hidden by the rear skirts) and joined with the other wires in the center of the chest. For now I plan on making it so there are only two wires+batteries inside the cockpit, so I’ll have to merge everything elsewhere on the kit, hopefully in the space that opens up just above the Unicorn’s waist when in destroy mode.

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We’re back!

It took a little longer than I would have liked, but now I can finally get back to my hobby.

FA Unicorn got here, as well as the LEDs and paint I need to finish Wing Zero Custom!

I wasted no time in getting to work. While this is only in the test stage, I’m really liking how this is turning out so far. I’m going to have to sand some plastic off to make it so the three LEDs shine properly and aren’t pressed against the plastic (it’s easy to see which ones I’m talking about), but otherwise this is going just as planned. For the final assembly I’ll be cleaning up the giant wad of wires and running them all in to one to keep things simple. Stay tuned!

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Little stuff.

The priming section of the new tutorial is up!

I also finished this thing, finally. I need to sand off the overspray on the bottom area since I forgot to mask that area off properly when I sprayed the chest area.

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Photodump: RX-0/A Unicorn ASSAULT Gundam

Old project, made back in april-may. This model took me about a month to complete due to the fact I hand painted everything on this suit. It was the first time going to such lengths with hand painting (the most I had done before that was a OYW Gundam, which didn’t get such an extensive job done) so there are a few flaws with this kit but things are rarely perfect anyway. Anyway, hit the jump for the pictures!

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Gundam Expo stuff

Care of Rob over at American Salaryman, who is updating from his phone like a champ. Thanks a ton!

  • PG 00 Raiser in November
  • Gundam Unicorn OVA, 6 50 minute episodes
  • Unicorn and Destory mode Unicorn HGUCs
  • MG Astray Blue Frame

While the PG 00 news and Unicorn OVA have me pretty excited, not much else so far. I wonder if Bandai will have a preorder bonus again for the 00 Raiser like they did with the PG Red Frame…? I’d prefer if there was an option for the Seven Sword system myself, but who knows. The HGUC Unicorns should be interesting as well, I might pick those up to compare them with the MG counterpart.

In other news, got Sazabi’s pictures taken and the review written up, just need to put the two together so I can be one step closer to being caught up.

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Things to look forward to…

I’m bringing the old  ‘Finished Projects’ page down as of right now, and replacing it with the Master Grade page. In due time, I will have writeups and better pictures of all the MG kits I’ve completed thus far (A separate page for PG and NG kits are in the works but this is my top priority since most models I build are MG) but for now you can see up to the RX-0 Unicorn gundam.


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