HG Astraea Type-F [ Exousia Astraea ]

This kit has been a long time coming, with the kit being in the works for an extremely long time. The original idea came to me back in 2010 when I had a few of the HG Exia lineage suits like the 00 7 Sword/G, Avalanche Exia and Astraea Type-F sitting in boxes all half or partially built. The original kit went through a number of revisions before we landed with the version that wound up being the finished kit.

The original version just was sort of awkward and I wasn’t a big fan of the way that the GN drives were pointed up so high all the time due to the way they attached to the grey part of the Avalanche Exia’s shoulders. Note that this was the start of the project, taken November of 2010. You can see that some ideas like putting the 00 7S/G’s katars on the knees of the kit and using the Astraea’s head and front skirts have been around since the beginning.

January saw a few changes to the concept of the kit like adding the rest of the Avalanche’s shoulder armor and mounting the GN drives to those to allow the GN Sword/Blaster and GN Buster Sword to look a little more natural. Another addition was using the 00 7S/G GN long and short sword son the hips in place of where the Exia’s GN katars sat. By this time the 00 movie had come out as well and this model turned in to ‘how much can we combine on to one suit’ and before long I’d managed to fit all of the weaponry from each Exia lineage suit, including the Qan[t] and the special GN Sword IV on to one unit and according to most folks, pulled it off pretty well. I also started painting the kit and went with a cobalt blue for the main body, simplifying the Exia’s colors down to the blue and white. However, eventually the novelty wore off and I grew to dislike how cluttered the suit looked with all those swords on it.

The model reached it’s current form in June last year. I much preferred the slimmed down look this iteration had and at the outset I had planned to just leave it with only the GN katars on it. Turns out the 00 season one suits don’t hold them that well though as well as the fact that I had spent the money on the GN Sword IV and it would be a waste not to use it.

Even so, the kit still had more revisions to go through. I glued a GN drive to the back of the right shoulder to allow for the GN buster sword to hang from and attached the two mounting parts of the GN sword IV to the other shoulder. I also got rid of the canard fins on the chest using milliput putty but this is another change that didn’t stay for the final version of the kit. I did like the new dark colors of the suit, especially since they blended so well with the copper I’d used for the GN condensers. Still, the suit was now too backheavy now and the way the GN buster sword fit on to the kit wasn’t quite right and it stood somewhat awkwardly because of it.

So I removed that and added in a few more parts from the Avalanche Exia and managed to get a GN Sword Kai from a friend and that gives us the current and final iteration of this unit. I can comfortably say that I don’t feel the need to fiddle with the aesthetics of this suit any more. I finally nailed the perfect spot between bulky and thin as well as got the weapon loadout just right for what I envision the suit’s role being on the battlefield. Even better is that I went the extra mile on the GN sword IV, making it look every bit as impressive as it should.

Of course, over the many months of work on this model I wound up with a lot of different parts painted and that eventually yielded an entire extra suit and then some to use to store the extra parts for alternate configurations, though I obviously didn’t spend much time taking pictures of it in different forms (in fact I only took pictures of it with the regular Exia shoulders and Astraea front skirts swapped in and that’s it).

Overall though the kit poses well, has a unique look all it’s own and is definitely a custom unit that I feel very happy with. As you can see in a photo or two, the paint got chipped on the shoulder and just under the GN sword kai which is really aggravating, but I’ll touch it up before I put it on the ‘finished’ tower.

  1. #1 by Oang on April 16, 2016 - 05:35

    really nice work, love it, black n white and copper accent… really really love it,

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