MS-18E “Schwarze Kriegminister” Kampfer

This little guy was my first HGUC model, built a few months ago but recently due to a bout of boredom (and gunpla withdraw) I went back and used some leftover paint to spice it up and make it look as badass as it deserves to. I’d seen a few pictures here and there and let’s face it, a mobile suit with a shotgun instantly goes on the ‘AWESOME’ list. Then I watched 0080 and saw how interesting it was to fight (for all of five minutes), given the suit is meant to be a fast assault unit. It probably would have accomplished it’s mission of destroying the Alex if it wasn’t for the Chobham armor that was outfitted to the Alex. Of course, we can’t forget that Kampfer looks like a complete beast.

I’d talk about construction but I built this over at a friend’s house for the most part and thus didn’t have my camera, I only have construction photos for the first half of the mobile suit which doesn’t really show much of anything. Thankfully, this is an HGUC model so there really isn’t anything special to talk about, though I will say that it’s very MG-like in design. the shoulders can move forward and backward as well as up and down and the limbs have a nice range of motion, allowing you to get pretty creative with poses.

When you finish Kampfer out of the box, he still manages to look damn good even without a topcoat. As such is the design of the suit.

Of course, like I said, I wasn’t too content with that after it became one of my favorite mobile suits. Anyone who’s ever checked out Plamo Addiction will immediately notice the similarities to the paintjob of the Ebon Enforcer, which was intentional and a tribute to Busterbeam (plus black and gold look great together). Anyway, this new color looks WONDERFUL, using tamiya’s TS-14 black in combination with X-12 gold leaf for the upper arms and feet with, X-31 titanium gold being used for the joint areas, light panel lining with the gold gundam marker along with detail filling and a little bit of metallic red to bring the inside of Kampfer’s many boosters to life. While not incredibly complex, I’d like to think the different types of gold do a nice job giving a little more life to the paint scheme. You might also notice that there’s no traditional Zeon mono-eye…that’s because I did away with it! I wanted to give the suit a completely unemotional feel to it, sometimes that can be even more intimidating than one eye glaring at you.

Kampfer is stacked as far as weapons go. Given the suit’s purpose, the huge loadout suits it well since it’d likely be pretty well prepared for most types of enemies. The weapons are all fairly simple in building but thankfully a little bit of extra detail goes a long way in making them look great though I clearly neglected the chain mine and beam saber- I had run out of paint by the time I got that far..besides that, the shotgun is by far my favorite weapon to have on display with the little guy. I forget what movie pointed it out (was it Last Action Hero, maybe?), but the cocking of a weapon can also instill a huge sense of fear despite it being completely unpractical to have the weapon uncocked in the middle of a gunfight. Then again Kampfer’s shotguns are pump action (how that kid from 0080 fit a shell in to a bag I’ll never know), so that can do just as good a job.

Articulation is pretty good as well, far better than what I was expecting. Everything has an awesome range of motion and allows for Kampfer to get in a wide variety of poses which makes the Kampfer a lot of fun to take pictures of. The only con this model is the fact that the boosters on the back of the legs obstruct the bend, a trait this iteration shares with it’s much older MG brother. There’s nothing Bandai can do about this though, it’s just the way the Kampfer was made and it doesn’t really cause that many problems when posing since Kampfer doesn’t have skirt armor of the like to interfere with it’s movement. This kit cost around 19$USD, and was completely worth every penny. It was my first HGUC model (not my first HG, though) and while I used to sort of snub the entirely line, no more. The quality of this kit far surpasses what I thought the 1/144 line could offer me and while some parts require a little more work than the 1/100 MG counterparts, the affordability and the advantages new HGs have over old MGs (See: Sazabi- I don’t have the MG Kampfer…though I might get it now anyway) far outweigh the cons.

You can definitely expect an HG Alex some time in the future for this guy to pose with..and a kinda backstory like Sinanju’s!

  1. #1 by Tonzo on December 6, 2009 - 05:51

    It’s very nicely executed Lupes. Great review as well.

    I find the weapons clash with the MS colour scheme a bit. I think they would look nicer in chrome. I like the detail on the shottie and he certainly doesn’t want for weapons. That shot from the rear where it’s fully loaded is pretty bad ass.

    This one doesn’t hold the amount of triumph your Crossbone held for me. Something about the colours isn’t sitting right for me. I can’t put my finger on it.

    The shot with the hand on the pump is a great pose. In fact there are many great poses among that lot. This is something you excel at, in addition to colour schemes and photograph composition.

  2. #2 by lupes on December 6, 2009 - 11:08

    Tonzo: Thanks for the compliments! I can see what you’re sayin about the color and weapons, but I don’t really have much that’ll work well for them. I might be able to crank something out at a later date since the aren’t gloss/topcoated, but I dunno.

    The colors probably don’t pop like my usual selection because admittedly, this one isn’t too terribly original.

  3. #3 by Busterbeam on December 7, 2009 - 01:10

    i agree with tonzo on many points. i think the suit itself looks great but as the weapons are an important part of the suit (more than just an accesory i think) i would have liked to have seen more colour on them. no not colour but some metallics or something. maybe gunmetal. i love the detailed paint job you did (and the gold lining) but yeah… either some flat coat over the surface of the weapon before you paint or just painting all of them in gunmetal probably would have gone a long way with this ms. but you did a great job overall as usual.

  4. #4 by Jonnay on July 13, 2010 - 09:16

    very nice! especially love the detailling on the shotgun. one question though, how did you get the tube behind the pump to be that chromey-shiny?

    please let me know what paint you use and how you applied it 🙂 i’ve been dying to know how to chrome things up

  5. #5 by lupes on July 13, 2010 - 09:47

    @Jonnay: It’s just the plated silver gundam marker, actually. As far as chrome paints go, I think the aclad II series is what you’d want.

  6. #6 by latep on February 11, 2012 - 02:06

    Hi there! great review and awesome panting job you’ve done there!.
    I am kind of new with gunpla, all I did was assmble and panel line. I done few MG and I think I want to upgrade my skills a bit by painting.

    I did a custom paint on my HG Kampfer, gold leaf body coat with clear blue (for all body). The thing is I got inconsistent color, I did with hand brush directly from the bottle (acrylic type). Do the inconsistent color due to undiluted paint? How did you do your Kampfer? Spray? Airbrush? Or hand brush? Any tips from the experienced guy like you is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

  7. #7 by lupes on February 18, 2012 - 04:14

    The color most likely has to do with if the paint was stirred or not between uses or how well you mixed it up. I did my Kampfer with spray cans and hand painting, which is how I colored the frame parts with gold leaf and titanium gold. The thing with handpainting is that you do want to make sure to thin it out some and make multiple light coats to prevent brush strokes and things like the discoloration. I don’t handpaint a lot, but that’s the basic gist of it.

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