MG Astray Blue Frame [Hayabusa ver.]

Before we get started, this kit started out as the MG Blue Frame that I got from Gaijin-Gunpla when I did the Astray [Inferno ver.] because buying all the parts for the shoulders alone would have cost almost as much as the kit itself so he sold me the entire thing pre-built on the cheap. Since I had the kit pretty much entirely built just sans shoulders I decided I might as well paint it up quick because I really enjoyed the build of the Inferno Astray. I had an extra Red Frame laying around so I swapped in a few parts and away we went.

I’ve been playing a lot of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 lately and that worked it’s way very heavily in to what I want to accomplish with this model. Out of the box I think the Blue Frame head with the Red Frame shoulders looked very ninja-like. I was originally planning on going with a scheme that was more like Ryu’s DOA3 outfit but when it came down to it I went with the new NG outfit colors instead.

Since this kit was themed to Ryu I wanted to do something different with the katana. Since I had extra parts from my extra Red Frame kit I took one of the J1/J2 parts and cut it up a bit to slim the part down and then attached it to the back with super glue The end result is made even better by the fact the placement of the part doesn’t get in the way of how the Tactical Arms attach so I don’t lose out on having that weapon on the back as well.

While the blend of colors isn’t that intricate, the flat black, gloss black and chrome play off of each other very well and as someone else put it, it has a very motorcycle vibe to it. The TA is a lot flashier than the rest of the suit but given that it’s based off of the heavy weapon in NG1 (the Dabilahro) it fits the theme anyhow. I didn’t take many pictures of this because I wanted to make sure I didn’t damage the paint, which is becoming a trend for me to avoid. It’s too bad because I like posing the kits and such but I really don’t enjoy having to do spot repairs and the like on model kits. I’m also really pleased with how quickly I managed to get this kit painted and photographed. Now if I could get my turnaround to be so good on all of my kits instead of some of them languishing away in WIP hell while I wait for proper motivation to strike. In any case this model turned out really well and it’ll look great on the shelf with the rest of my finished kits!

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