MSN-0100 Hyaku-Shiki [HD Ver.]

Bandai released the original Hyaku-Shiki in 2001, and this kit is identical to it except for the paintjob. Given a new HD makeover, this model sports a softer gold finish and additional wetslide decals.

Being an older model the inner frame on Hyaku-Shiki isn’t anything special, but it’s functional and free moving, none of the parts get in the way of other stuff here since the Type 100 was one of AE’s ventures in to the movable frame field and thus features a pretty simple design. All of the joints have a okay range of motion and hold poses very well, though movement on the shoulders is pretty limited…no big deal though.

Building the model is a pretty easy adventure, it only took around 4 hours for me to snap this bad boy together. The most notable thing about it is that all the gold parts are connected to the runners via an udergate which means none of the parts will have their finish ruined by trimming/sanding the nubs down. Why this didn’t become standard is beyond me, unless it was more expensive to do the molds like that. Other neat features include different sets of hands for the rifle/bazooka and the beam sabers, which do their job pretty well.

There are a few issues though. I know that both Rob and Martin had fitment issues with the arm or backpack and my model was no different. I find it hard to believe that all of us could have messed up on the same part, but it’s a minor ding. Another thing is that it seems the new gold coating the y used didn’t go on quiet evenly on all the parts, as the left calf looks considerable more silver than the other one or the rest of the kit, for that matter. Not sure if the original mold had the same problem but I don’t see how it could with the finish being of a more chrome-gold variety. While we’re at it, the HD decals are almost worthless, being incredibly poor in terms of quality and how well they stay on the model. While I can’t offer any solutions to this, it’s at least a heads up for you guys.

All in all while not a very complicated model, the Hyaku-Shiki is a nice looking piece to add to your collection, moreso if you’re a fan of Char Quattro.

Just don’t let it near any Qubeley models.

  1. #1 by Roy on July 3, 2009 - 18:23

    Love the color, but they should have at least made the model entirely new instead of just changing the colors, probably would of sold more:/

  2. #2 by Zeta Newtype on March 14, 2011 - 17:44

    I just had to order the Hyaku-Shiki Ballute System to do my own paint job since this was really the only HD Zeta kit I missed out on and I really wanted it 😀

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