MG MSN-06β “Blue Berserker” Sinanju

Everything I have to say about this model can be read here.

MSN-06β “Blue Berserker”
Unit type: prototype newtype use mobile suit
Overall height: 22.6 meters
Base weight: 25.2 metric tons
Power generator output: 3240 kW
Maximum thrust: 128600 kg
Armor: gundarium alloy
Operating system: Berserker system
Armament: beam rifle x 1, hyper bazooka x1, beam tomahawk x2, beam saber x2
Pilot: ?????

Built up on the various concepts introduced in the MSN-06E, MSN-06T and MSN-06Y variants, the MSN-06β deserved the ‘Beta’ mark next to it’s model number. It was rolled out in 0097, somewhat behind it’s brethren units but proved to be no less effective on the battlefield thanks in part to the ace pilot and experimental equipment.

After the S Gundam’s ALICE AI system proved itself viable, AE technician’s began to create their own learning AI- the end result being the ‘Berserker Protocol’ for the aptly codenamed Blue Berserker. Instead of the pilot’s life being given priority the prime directive was instead given to combat. In addition to feeding information and suggestions to the pilot, the Bereserker Protocol also posses the ability to connect directly to the pilots mind via Psycommu when conditions are met (proper adrenaline and other bodily functions preforming at peak levels), bringing out the full wrath of pilot and mobile suit. The drawback to this was the obvious flaw that when the Berserker is active there is a distinct rise in friendly casualties along with extreme mental wear and tear on the pilot. The system also had to ability to push the generator past it’s limit, making the unit appear like it had a burning blue aura along with the overdriven engine sounding like a fearsome roar. While useful and controllable thanks to the AI, usage easily possessed the risk of overload and subsequent destruction of the unit.

The suit remained on the battlefield with it’s Yellowbird and Twilight brethren, working with them in a spectacular fashion- the three of them more often than not able to hold back a large force on their own. Due to the PsyCo-RPX (Psychic Communication Receptor Polymer – Experimental) present on the Ebon Enforcer the two units were never seen in combat together. Despite this, when all four prototypes were gathered for ceremonial events and the like it was quiet a sight to behold.

Through it’s entire service record, there was not a single black mark until the suit and it’s pilot were mysteriously lost in combat in late UC 0099. There were some whispers from survivors of the conflict that the infamous Blue Berserker had met it’s match in combat while others said that the pilot sensed the end of Neo Zeon’s time and simply left the battlefield…regardless of what happened, to the current day the Berserker has not been seen on the battlefield again.

16 thoughts on “MG MSN-06β “Blue Berserker” Sinanju”

  1. hey bro…wonderful job there…but im wondering wad colour u spray for its inner frame? and ur weapons.. ^^

  2. haha thx there. im stil thinking wad colour to spray on my sinanju but now i get de idea. haha. yours was gorgeous XD good job man

  3. Nice colour however if it was me I would match that colour with the action base! really nice job though. 🙂

  4. Haha, yes that’s been something that’s been on my to-do list for quite some time. At this point I’ve decided I’ll just get a new action base so I can have all the proper stickers on it though.

  5. LOL i hate to do lists…all my Gunpla kits need one or two things doing to get them 100% finished. If you have a minute please check out my blog…be good to hear from you…updates will be on the way soon.

    Keep up the good work and again great model. 🙂

  6. Might like to know I have a tutorial up on a custom display base. Might interest you :).

  7. was the bazooka attached in sinanju’s rifle the one from unicorn???

  8. JQ: Very nice! I’ll probably make one of those someday, It’d be a nice way to add to the finished product.

    kairety: It’s from the special edition of Gundam Unicorn volume 8.

  9. I imagined before that painting the Sinanju would be a bad idea. Clearly in this picture, you proved my idea wrong…

  10. Hey Lupes, I know you built this kit awhile ago, but i got the same tamiya spray can you used to paint the inner frame of this kit. Is the inner frame still in good condition after years of painting?

  11. How did u turn the beam tomahawks in to a red color it looks really amazing

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