Nu Gundam ver. Ka [Karaba color ver.]

So, here we go. This kit had a lot of steam behind it before I even got started on it and the GB for it is still currently going on over at GAF at the time of writing (1/17/2013). personally I’m surprised at how quickly I finished this monster of a kit especially with running in to a few quirks and redoing entire areas in one shot.

Regardless, this build went from concept to completion at a really rapid pace even with finishing once and then taking the pink parts off to give them another go with a better suited pink. The end result is something I’m really happy with, though I wish I could’ve used more of the really awesome waterslide decals that came with the kit. Unfortunately I feel (along with others) that the red of the decals would clash too much with the pink I used and the white decals would obviously blend too much with the now mostly white body of the kit. As such, I’m still mulling over the idea of getting the water slide decals for Bandai’s MG Hi-Nu since they’re predominantly white and light gray.

Everything I said in the mini-review still applies. The Nu ver. Ka is an absolutely outstanding build and is sure to spoil me for the next few MGs I work on (kidding, the next MG I plan to tackle is the also fantastic looking Sinanju Stein) in every regard and the only issue I can think of is the Fin Funnels connections to each other being hit or miss. Some people had no problem with theirs but myself and the majority of other builders I know had issues, so I’ll count that against the kit. Another bit of an issue is the hands. While they are pretty awesome I find that they have a tendency to sag when posed with the arm outstretched with the rifle in hand. The little touches that I gave the kit to replicate the Karaba look like the pink detail on the head and on the chest really go a long way in making a great kit even better.

The difference between the florescent magenta and hibiscus pink is really stark and while the magenta had grown on me to a degree I really like the overall finish and look of the pink since it’s not so bright and harsh.

Here’s a closeup of two key things: the parts that come off to put the Gundam in to “invoke” form and a picture of the area I trimmed up to insert the brass rod for Gaijin-Gunpla’s Fin Funnel fix (which will be duplicated when my double funnel set arrives).

The stand, while similar to Hi-Nu’s in the sense that they share the emblem as the base, the clear part that holds up the kit as well as the funnel’s display arms are much better than the Hi-Nu’s because they’re much more stable once you get them situated.

Katoki really hit it out of the park on this one. I swear this thing looks good in pretty much any pose you put it in, and on top of that the weapons and everything else are constructed very well and don’t have any ugly seam lines or the like on them. Of course, there’s another big thing this kit is packing that no one even knew about until the Expo: Invoke mode.

Unlike the Unicorn’s transformation in to Destroy mode, Invoke mode doesn’t give up any of the Nu’s structural stability. Between the changes not being that drastic and the overall method of transformation there isn’t much sacrifice going on here. The green looks a little bit out of place with all of the pink, white and yellow but I still think that it looks really solid with all of the armor opened up like this.

This kit debuted a lot of new things from Bandai, like the PG-styled hands and an all-polystyrene frame which I really hope become standard fare for future kits. Minor flaws like those with the funnels aside it’s really hard to find anything to nit-pick about for this thing and I really hope that a Sazabi ver. Ka isn’t far off so builders will be able to pose the two iconic mobile suits together as they should be- locked in combat. There aren’t many kits better than this one and while it can be a little expensive, this thing is a must-buy for any Gundam fan.

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